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What Are Bed Bugs?
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Let me take you back to your childhood for a second here folks. Now I am pretty sure your parents would of said this phrase to you when you was young. It's a school night so your mom and dad want you into bed. As they read you a story or after you have brushed your teeth they say;

"Night sweety, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" What are bed bugs?

Did you ever stop and think to yourself what the hell are bed bugs. Did you even think that they were real? If you are reading this article on what are bed bugs then there's 3 reason why you are here: 1. Being you have been bitten typed in your symptoms and the signs are pointing to bed bugs. 2. Being you fear you have bed bugs and want to find out more about them. 3. You already have an infestation and want to know what are bed bugs. So shall we get to the point.

What are bed bugs

Bed bugs are horrible little blood suckers that feed on our blood. They are parasitic insects. They are a brownish reddish colour and adult bed bugs are about 4-5mm in length and 1.5-3mm wide so the size of a standard shirt button would be a good comparison. So they wouldn't be a problem to spot if they were out in the open. However baby bed bugs or the proper scientific term for them nymphs are near impossible to see. They are also translucent in colour. They will become more browner once they shed their skins and mature into adults. It has been known for bed bugs to be mistaken for other insects such as woodlice and booklice and even carpet beetles and small cockroach's.

They get their name bedbugs because they like to live nearby to the host, preferably the hosts bed. However in saying this not only do they call the hosts bed their home. Bedbugs in my opinion are the champions of the insect world when it comes to hide and seek. You can find bed bugs in bedroom furniture such as a chest of draws or picture frames hanging over your bed. Even if your bed is near to a window, bed bugs will set up home in your curtains to. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures meaning they are more active during the night. They are kinda like vampires if you think about it.

Hope this article has shed some light onto what are bed bugs. Please feel free to ask questions I would be happy to answer.

Terry AKA The bed bug exterminator

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