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Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre-existing Conditions?
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Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

When we first brought our little furry pet home we were totally focused on what she needed to grow that's a safe secure environment, healthy nutrious meals and lots of TLC. now that they are getting older you are thinking about all the money you might have to spend at the vet if accident or illness are even asking questions about coverage for pre-existing conditions. there are several reasons why many pet parents are asking questions now.

Coverage for young and older pets

You probably didn't know or maybe you heard it some place that its hard to find a company that's not age specific one that cover pets as young as 6 weeks old to older pets over 10 years old. it can be a challenge if your pet home has different age pets but the benefits is well worth it like you can get a 5-10% savings when you enroll more than one pet in the same level of coverage and the wellness program is awesome in helping you customize a family plan with routine visits,annual check ups and preventive care.the word is out, you can cover your younger and older pet before buying. talk with your vet and they will help you select the best pet insurance you need.

Maybe your pet have a pre-existing condition

Years ago if your pet was diagnosed with a chronic illness or disease you were devastated because that meant breaking the family's budget or having to put your pet to sleep. today pet insurance companies still won't cover pre-existing conditions but because pet medicine has advanced we have more options: we can buy a discount program, we can get limited insurance coverage such as injury only. we can invest in a pet savings plan.just like children our pets can grow out of certain illnesses and most pet insurances have a waiting period to cover a condition if it is curable.if the illness is for your pet's life become proactive play with your pet child every day.

You may be concerned about pure breed restrictions

One of the most common reasons that pet owners consider buying pet care and insurance is to avoid spending $1000's of dollars out of pocket for pre-existing conditions. but what if your pet is a type of breed that don't qualify for coverage? talk with your vet before hand and look at different insurance companies and find out what health problems are your pet prone to get. and find a company that will provide coverage for other conditions.remember: breed restrictions doesn't mean that your pet has a pre-existing condition.

Avoid pre-existing conditions with early coverage

Buy a pet policy a few days after purchasing a puppy or kitten and before your pet show any symptoms or signs of illness.

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