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A Letter To Lulu
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Dear Lulu,

Although you can't read, write or speak I know you will somehow understand.

You always knew when I was sad, happy or just morbid. I could just look into your green eyes and saw the unconditioned love and understanding. When I was busy on my computer writing my novel, you would lie on my lap, or on the chair next to me.

I remember the day I picked you from about twenty young grey striped cats at the SPCA in Pretoria. You were the only one with a burnt orange nose tip. We immediately connected when I held you in my arms, you trusted me, lying on my lap all the way home. The name Lulu came into my mind when I thought of a name for you. You seemed happy with the name, when I called your name answered and looked up at me with love in your eyes. I knew you would be strong in any situation, especially the one we did not see.

We had to move from our house after thirty-five years, due to circumstances beyond our control.

We got a beautiful cottage on a small holding in the North Western Province near a town Rustenburg.

I felt so excited and knew you would love to stay in the open spaces. I always thought of you as a free spirit. A daredevil, the vet made a few bucks from me, due to injuries sustained on your nightly escapades.

When the cottage was nearly finished we decided to go and see if everything we wanted to take with, would fit into the cottage. It was a lovely place everything seemed so perfect.

I looked at the huge garden, in my imagination I could see you running and climbing the trees that grew in abundance in the huge garden. A beautiful place to retire.

Everything looked so peaceful and tranquil. On the large lawns I looked at the ducks with their ducklings, the proud turkey mother walking around showing off her chicks. and two hens with their chicks.

It was a lovely hot summer day and we were having lunch with our host and hostess on the patio, when I heard her voice, as if from far away.

"Elizabeth you know of course you will not be able to bring Lulu with you, it will just not work with her and the farm animals".

I looked in horror at the strict face of the woman sitting opposite me. I realized she was serious.

She said it is not that she hates cats, she was merely protecting her animals that was dear to her.

I tried to convince her that you were taught not to chase birds and geckos at home, but she was adamant, "No Cats!".

How could I tell her that you were a very special cat, my companion, always near me when I write my stories.

Since the children moved into the house with us, you became used to them, and I know they became fond of you especially the two boy's.

They promised to look after you. I know they will.

We will be visiting the children soon and I hope to find you at the old house, I want to tell you about my life here in the country without you. Your photo is on the wall in front of me.

Lulu when you read my letter, (I believe in telepathic connections), I hope you will forgive me. Love you always.

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