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Caring For Your Pekingese While You're Away
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Caring for Your Pekingese While You\'re Away

Having a pet dog at home while you are away on a vacation is the toughest thing to manage. Pets need our constant care and attention, and especially with pet dogs one need to be careful of the emotional want of the pet. Pekingese is an indoor animal and can get heat stokes on too much exposure to the sun. Pekingese needs a lot of attention and cannot be left at home alone.

Hire a dog watcher-

To give your Pekingese pet care and attention it deserves while you are away, invest in someone who can watch over your beloved pet. Pekingese have a deep sense of timing, and they require food at the particular time allotted for meals each day. Since Pekingese are a very furry breed, and the coat of the animal needs to be brushed at least twice everyday to detangle it and maintain it. Make sure the person who is in charge of your dog while you are away has good exposure to your pet. Ask him or her to visit your place a few times just to increase the familiarity. Pekingese are very quiet animal and they generally like to lie on the couch or the cozy corner they choose for themselves.

The magic toy-

Pekingese are a possessive lot and they can become extremely fond of a particular toy or a piece of blanket. They love the familiar surroundings and with their owners they are extremely possessive. They can be engaged with their favorite toy while the owner is away, or they can be made to feel comfortable with things that the Pekingese is habituated to seeing around.

The care taker needs to take special care not to engage in activities like scolding the dog or jerking around. The breed shows a certain amount of sophistication, and it's better to treat it with a little extra care as these dogs are a sensitive lot. The caretaker can indulge in some fun time with your dog like playing catch which explores the playful nature of this breed. Pekingese dogs is one of the most adored pet that is taken under most household to be a part of their families, and since they mingle with the owner a lot, they tend to be a lot more sensitive towards the absence of the owner. Make sure the dog is not exposed to new people and new animals as this might make the dog irritable.

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