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Health Problems In Pekingese Dogs
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Health Problems In Pekingese Dogs

The origins of Pekingese dogs can be traced back to ancient China and it is one of the most popular breed of toy dogs across the world. However the unique appearance and characteristics of these dogs do lead to a lot of heath issues in them as they were only engineered keeping in mind the aesthetic qualities and not their physiology. Given below is a summary of some of the health problems in Pekingese dogs.

Heart Problems

Pekingese dogs are problem to various heart conditions that often result in heart failure. One common condition is the Congestive heart failure where the heart fails due to the increase of the diastolic pressures in the heart and there by the capillaries and veins leading to leakage of fluids from them. Some of the other conditions include decreased myocardial contractibility (caused due to weak heart muscle), valvular regurgitations (caused due to leak in a heart valve) and increased myocardial stiffness.


The abnormal body structure of the Pekingese dog makes it difficult for this breed of dog to breathe with ease. Due to this issue these dogs are not physically strong and they can get exhausted pretty soon. Heat stroke is another problem caused by difficulty in breathing as the body temperature is not regulated easily. Anaesthesia also poses a risk during surgery as and when required due to the breathing abnormality.


This condition is most common in Pekingese females where they have difficulty in giving birth and this condition is known as Dystocia. This is mainly due to the under sized hind of the mother and over sized head of the pups. This condition can be fatal for the pup as well as the mother and has to be managed by a professional.


The Pekingese breed of dog has a very sensitive skin and skin irritations are often a common cause of concern amongst owners. While the main cause for skin issues could be internal health conditions such as cancers or food allergies at times it could be due to external factors too such as contact allergies and fleas. In most of the skin issues the common signs and symptoms are hair loss, itchy red bumps as well as irritability.


These dogs are known to put on weight quickly and easily. Extra weight causes serious health issues especially in the joint areas as their skeletal structure makes them highly susceptible for various skeletal issues. Thus weight moderation is of utmost importance here.


As these dogs are typically low energy dogs it is of utmost importance that any form of exercise be done in moderation with this breed of dogs. However some form of exercise is required to help promote its mental as well as physical well being.

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