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How To Teach Your Dog To Say Please
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I bet you didn’t realize you could teach your dog to say please. Not actually verbally say please but the doggy equivalent. Dogs like children need to be taught good manners to be well socialized. Failure to socialize your dog is unfair to your pet as well as yourself. So how do you teach your dog to say please?

First you must understand a few basics about dog behavior. Dogs are generally eager to please their owners unless they have been ill-treated or spoiled but they have short attention spans. Choose a place free of distractions to train your dog. Start out with your dog on a leash or a small closed in room. Later as your dog progresses you will want to increase distractions by taking him to places with more people and other dogs so he will learn to obey in any situation.

Keep your training session short. If your dog seems to be losing interest stop the session. Better to have several short training sessions throughout the day. Really you are training your dog in every interaction you have with him. Teaching your dog to say please is an important part of having a well mannered pet. Saying please in dog language means your dog sits automatically before receiving any treat, before getting into and out of the car, and before going into or out of the door. It takes a little effort to get these reactions in place but once they are your dog will be better behaved and safer. You will want to first teach your dog the basic sit command.

After mastering the sit command, teach your dog to say please by have your dog sit before getting into and out of the car. If your dog is not trained to do this and jumps out of the car without your permission he could be run over or perhaps lost. Make a habit of getting out of the car first and making your dog sit for a few seconds before following you. Have a treat in your hand while you are teaching this behavior and treat your dog for sitting quietly in the car then give him permission to come out by saying out or some other command such as this. Do the same while having your dog get into the car? If your dog tries to get out of the car before you tell him no firmly and make him sit.

Teach your dog to say please by having your dog sit before being allowed to go outside. This will help prevent your dog getting out unexpectedly. Also make your dog sit before coming in; this will save you having a muddy dog running through the house. You should also enter the house before your dog does. In dog language the person going first is the leader. You want to be that leader not let your dog believe he is. Occasions will occur where it is best to have the dog go in before you such as when getting into the car because of safety issues but when you can safely do so you should assume the leader position in all interactions with your dog.

It takes repetition and patience but the rewards are a safer more well behaved dog. Each time you give your dog a treat or get ready to put his leash on for a walk, have him sit and then give the treat. As you do this you will teach your dog to say please.

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