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Obedience Training For Puppies - 6 Commands You Should Know About
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Obedience Training for Puppies  -  6 Commands You Should Know About

Puppy quick training tips

An appropriate dog obedience program is the foundation of excellent behavior in pets. It has often been said that there are no bad pets; it's only about the owners who are ignorant. Most dogs wish to make their owners happy, but dogs that are untrained basically don't know how. Dogs that are well-trained are better and happier - and so are their owners.

Here are some recommendations that can help you in obedience training of your dog.

The equipments required

Dog obedience training doesn't need many resources, but certainly there are some primary supplies that'll make the process easier. Select a dog training collar that is appropriate and relaxing for the dog. Then, pick the leash that is best for training. Obtain the best devices for your dog and understand how to use them effectively.

Here are some of the basic obedience training commands you should know about

1. Come!

This is the first and most essential command that your dog should acknowledge. Usually this command is taught with the name of your dog. This command is useful when you want to call your dog back if he/she breaks free from the leash or is running around and creating trouble for other individuals in the park.

2. Sit!

When training your dog to sit, hold your hand over his head with a reward in it. Your dog will look up at your hand passionately. Use your other hand to carefully force the pet's behind into a seated position, and say in a firm and clear tone, "SIT" while still having the reward in the air above the dog's head.

When your dog sits, provide him with the treat and vocally compliment him. Do not allow your dog to leap up and pick up the reward out of your hand. You will have to do this again over and over. Gradually your dog will affiliate sitting with the reward and will start sitting without the reward in your hand. Keep in mind that the training should be short but regular.

Do this technique regularly throughout the day. If you get disappointed, stop for some time and try again later.

3. Stay!

Stay command is often used along with other commands like "down" or "sit," the "stay" command is helpful in keeping your dog out of problems when he is attempting to do something he is not supposed to do, like trying to run across a busy road. This is not the most convenient command for the dogs as sometimes their animal instinct and fascination may take over and they may not follow your orders.

4. Wait!

'Wait' command is different from "Stay" command which is more often used to keep your dog away from risk. The "Wait" command is more of a command that is aimed at keeping your dog in check making him to know that he/she has to hang on until your next control. Generally it is used on pets that have an addiction of hurrying through the gates.

5. Down!

'Down' command is different from 'Sit' command. This command means that your dog goes down on his abdomen. This command can be a valuable aspect of dog manners. It's also easier than a sit command or when you want your dog to hang on till your next orders.

6. Stand!

This command tells your dog to stop moving and be still. It's useful in situations when you are having a vet examining him/her over or when you are grooming or bathing him/her.

Knowing these 6 dog commands will provide you with the primary and basic principles of having an obedient and well-mannered dog. Good luck!

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