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Pekingese Dogs: The Perfect Addition To Your Family
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Pekingese Dogs: The Perfect Addition to Your Family

Before you head out to buy a new Pekingese puppy, find out whether this is the right breed for you or not. Considering the fact that you will be stuck with the dog for 13 to 15 years, it is best to weigh all options before you bring a little fur ball home. The Pekingese is not an easy breed to discipline; neither is this the healthiest dog out there. So be sure you are ready to commit for hours of obedience training and hefty vet bills before you make a Pekinese a part of your family.

1. The looks - If you want a joyous, cute, furry dog then the Pekingese is the perfect answer. A small, compact dog that has a stocky front and lighter hindquarters, the Pekinese is not as tall as it is long. A large head, slightly out of proportion with the rest of the body makes it so cute. The outer coat is long, the undercoat thick and soft. You will find Pekinese puppies in various colors, though the muzzle is always black.

2. Temperament - Brave, sensitive, affectionate and alert – those are the qualities of this little dog. Highly independent, this is not a dog that will follow you around the house all day. With the tendency to become overweight easily, these dogs need a strict diet control. With a high tendency to dominate anything smaller and sometimes even larger, the Pekinese need a lot of training. This is especially true if you have small kids and smaller pets in the house. A Pekingese will try and dominate your cat, guinea pig and any other animal and sometimes even try and dominate you! These dogs have been known to be courageous to a point of being foolish – often trying to take on dogs 3 times their size in an act of dominance. To ensure that your Pekingese is stable and balanced, you have to put in the time and effort to train it.

3. Health problems - Your little Pekingese dog is prone to joint problems, disc problems and skin infections. Along with that, this dog manages to sneeze a lot and catch a cold quite easily. Heart problems are also common amongst the breed, as are breathing problems. To ensure that your puppy is healthy, make sure he gets a well balanced diet comprising of dog food, gets enough exercise and is groomed regularly to avoid skin infections.

The perfect dog for an apartment, the Pekingese are good with children and elderly. So this definitely is a good family dog, if you have it in you to be a real Alpha of the pack!

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