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Pets Disease Protection
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I am sure you would agree that a big part of taking care of our pets is pet disease protection. Being a pet owner is much more involved than seeing a cute pet and bringing it home. When our family was much younger each child had a pet and in the beginning everyone had good intentions. Of course they begged,"Please, Please I promise I will take care of it!" I fell for that line more than I care to remember. It wasn't all their fault, being an animal lover myself I often found it difficult to resist the furry little critters.

Our most recent addition was the guinea pig, Baby. Not a very original name for sure but she is certainly an original pet. I must tell you that talking me into this one was much more difficult than most other pets had been. That is saying something considering we have owned pets ranging from goats to ferrets and everything in between. You see, it's nothing personal but I do not like rodents. I just can't get past their beattie little eyes. Needless to say the care of poor Baby has been left to the one who begged endlessly for her, my grand-daughter Catie. Like most adolescents Catie has good intentions but as time went by life's other important events moved Baby to a lower priority on Catie's list (generally I would have taken over most of the pets care by now).

So the ultimatum was given, "Take care of your pet or else." Although coming to terms with that may not have been easy it taught us all a lesson. Catie learned that Baby was a living breathing being and proper care would be needed to give her the best pets disease protection.

Guinea Pig 101

Guinea pigs are natives of South America.

  • Guinea pigs are smaller than rabbits but bigger than mice.
  • They live between 5-7 years.
  • They like temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees.
  • They Squeak with delight when owner walks in room.
  • Guinea pigs like to play hide and seek.
  • They must be trained to be hand held or picked up.
  • They will chew on anything (including electrical cords.)
  • Teeth grow continuously.
  • Like to sleep in a small hut. You can use a covered, medium size, flower pot.

Guinea Pig Care

  • Guinea pigs must have their cage cleaned at least twice-even better three times a week.
  • Provide fresh water.
  • Feed twice a day-Diet includes Guinea pig pellets, fresh fruit, veggies, grass and hay.
  • Provide untreated tree branch to prevent over-growth of teeth. Apple tree branch.
  • Guinea pigs groom themselves but you may need to brush the long haired ones.

Supply Check List

  • Solid bottom cage.
  • Guinea pig pellets.
  • Hardwood shavings for the bottom of cage.
  • Grass and Hay.
  • Bricks, rocks, plastic pipes and other appropriate toys.
  • Medium sized covered flower pot for sleeping.
  • Attachable water bottle.
  • Untreated wood-example apple tree branch for teeth.

Signs of Illness

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Susceptible to external parasites for example mites and lice.

Overall Guinea pigs are pretty healthy but if they experience any of the previous symptoms it is important to take them to a veterinary for treatment. The best defense in pets disease protection is providing a warm, clean environment with the proper diet.

Street Talk

My son wants a Guinea Pig, but they chew on electrical cords? Ugh, that could get scary.

  about 1 decade ago
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