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Red Belly Pacu
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Red Belly Pacu

The Pacu is closely related to the Piranha family but unlike there feared cousins they are vegetarians. They will grow large and sometimes reach as much as long and also the same tall but usually do not reach there normal size when they are in a 55 gallon or larger fish Aquarium. So if you are planning to buy one make sure you set up a very large tank to accommodate for his or her growth, due to most fish will grow to there environment. But like I talked about in my previous article expect to be housing a very large growing fish.

Pacu's are not for smaller Aquariums due to they grow a lot quicker them most species as long as you take care of them properly. They come from the Amazon and became a very good food source in Brazil. Which prompted the government of Brazil to start breeding this species so it could flourish in the wild again.This project was so successful that it lead to this particular Pacu becoming one the most popular aquarium Pacu's in this species for trade, also for being raised for food to feed people in other parts of the world.

Pacu's due to there size will need a larger aquarium to grow to there full potential. You should never keep Juveniles in aquariums less the 50 gallons and adults in nothing else less then 200 gallons plus or maybe a pond designed inside or outside if you live in a very hot climate for outdoor that is. The aquarium or pond should have a very good filter, due to a very large amount of bowel movement.The temperature should always be 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

They are vegetarians so they will most likely eat what ever plant you put in your aquarium so please avoid putting decorative ones that you like. In stead try to distribute pieces of wood and rocks thru out the aquarium so the pacu has places to hide when he needs to. a few larger pieces can be added so your fish will feel more comfortable and make the tank look better.

There is a few other large growing fish that will be perfect in your aquarium for adult specimens. But young Pacu's prefer to be in the presence of other pacu's. Suitable fish that can be kept with this fish include Clown Knife fish, Oscar's, Arawana, , and maybe a Datnoid or two. Because all of these fish seem to grown up about the same pace.

Feeding Red Belly Pacu's is pretty much simple due to they accept most food sources and are very easy to feed. Juveniles do very well on flake food but you will have to switch to pellets or live food. it is very fun watching him chase the guppies and gold fish around to suck them up for nourishment. you should also feed them plenty of vegetables like lettuce and broccoli. They do very good on a diet of pellets and vegetables so live food is not necessary unless you want to try and breed them in your aquarium.

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