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The Rewards Of Owning A Pet
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The Rewards Of Owning A Pet

Owning a pet can be a rewarding life time of fun and enjoyment to our daily lives. Different pets can give us different signs and signals of happiness or when things are not going right. We can give them enjoyment by doing different things with them. Some pets need more time then others but the outcome will be the same. Show them that you love them and they will return the favor. I will give you some examples of how to love your animal and get love in return. There might be some danger signs to look for also.

Depending on the type of animal you have, working with the pet could be very different. If you have a bird, it could be very easy. Make sure the cage is clean and they have food and water. If you have a cat, make sure that you have clean water and food for them also. You might be able to teach a cat a trick or two, but it could be hard. If you have a dog, you can work with them and get some really good results. You can make them sit, stay, shake your hand, speak and some other tricks. The harder you work with them, the more you will understand them.

Some things you can do to make them happy. You can make them sit, stay, shake your hand, speak and some other tricks. The harder you work with them, the more you will understand them. Wow, what can you do? Toys are a big thing. Just remember that the size of the toy needs to fit the size of the pet. Don't except a cat to push a big ball around the house. It will not happen. Or a big bone for a small dog. A bird in a cage would like a mirror and some other toys hanging around to pick at.

Some of the signs of love and happiness from your pet can be the waging of the tail on a dog to a cat trying to paw at something you have in your hand. When it comes to play time, play with them hard and at the same time teach them some tricks. Show them what's right and what is wrong. Let them know when they are right by rewarding them with a treat.A bird may sing a lot more if you put the cage next to a window. That would make the bird feel like they are outside. Also for a dog or a cat, the scratching of their back or bottom or behind the ears make them feel better.When you stop though, be prepared because they are going to want you to do it some more because it makes them happy. A dog will probably what to shake hands with you if they know how to do that. Take the time to teach them and you will bw rewarded.

How important is it to love your pet. We're all aware that pets can warn us of physical danger. But is it possible that they sense ways we could pursue a greater good? Perhaps animals read unconscious clues we give from our higher nature, the part of us that knows what's best for us. Maybe they mirror what we know intuitively but aren't yet recognized. Could you discover important clues by watching signs that your pet gives you.

We all heard of the stories about the dog that warned the families that there was a fire in the house. If it was not for the dog, those families would not be here today. Now, that is love and the pet gave that love to you because you gave love to your dog. Many animals can sense danger and let you know.

What I have just talked to you about are some ways you can give your love to your pet and receive love back from your pet. Most pets are like kids on Christmas day. You give them a toy and they are happy. You give them a place to sleep or run, they are happy. Some fresh water and new food goes a long way. Teach them some tricks and they will fill your day full of fun. Watch your pet to see if they are acting different then normal because it could mean a sign of danger. Make sure they are up to date on their shots and take them to a vet to be checked out if need be. They pick up on things humans don't. And after a long day at work, we want to come home and be loved. Your pet will give you the love you want.

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I enjoy having a dog. Pets generally have very simple needs and are often easier to please than other people. It reminds me of a poem on Facebook about the life of a dog. The dog is sitting cross-legged, and dogs put up with waiting all night to go to the bathroom or being hungry. Most people would do something immediately when they need to meet their basic needs.

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