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This is the season when thousands of heavy pregnant cats waddle and ripple along the streets. That is a type od animal not at all intrigued by sparrows, nor geckos, those enormous beasts are shaped like heavy duty lorries and they sprawl about on watch like the bouncers of their block. Historically they where the familiars of witches, who have been burnt by the same history, but since than from generation to generation cats have handed down magical powers, about which little is known, thus they undertake a lot of things without being ever accused for it.

Using witchey dances they wrap around one's leg counting numerological circles, softly miaowing curses and enchantments all the while. With yellow green eyes they hypnotise to eventually conquest one's heart, house, and the entire street. Naturally they overtake with more ease the softer souls, and thus a large number of cats are fed by women people consider to be demented.

Yesterday having taken the bus, I cornered a girl seated between the window and my chair, until she recounted the entire tale of her ruin which being thoroughly bewitched she did not even understand as such. Traveling home form the casino in which she works she was not aware what day it was, nor which hour, she had not slept for days but how many precisely she could not be certain, the only thing she was sure about was needing to take off her shoes and go to sleep. This naturally was the introduction to a story about her cat.

The cat which had ower this same spinster given birth the other night. That is she gave birth to kittens on the same bed in which the damsel slept as if enchanted. Hysterical whining during the birthing of the fourth kitten bolted the girls form her sleep, however being surrounded by cats since childhood, meant she lacked a sense of disgust and determined that the beast would not force her out of her own bed she counted the newborn and continued her slumber, not noting that her pet is taking advantage somewhat. The girls good humoured nature was only surprised at how the cat felt comfortable enoguht this year in the middle of the bed out in the open, whilst last year she gave birth to a portion of kittens only when well hidden in the dark insulation of the girls wardrobe and clothes.

. Belive it or not, cats are dangerous, even to other cats. Of reecent a so called Seherizaad, appeared in the centre of town. Where she came from no one knows, she was gray and trimmed with dreadlocks, a mini verson of an ugley lion. Her red eyes seemed to be crying until mercy was shown, and she was washed with shampoo, dreadlocks cut off, and it was discovered that she was infact a snow white persian. Not long passed before kitty ruled the whole town and owertook the places so used to belong to other cats. She walked across the freshely painted boats, and green colured mocked the rest. In the l gym where heartless titans train, she charmed the skinheaded to buy her food. Her tail is wawed in the bars wher fisher men drink always earning her a fish. She seeps on a lambskin of a house where she fought the home-fender dog taking the house form him. Now name Sheherizard is called out at night other cats miow in her voice pretending to be her, in order to try earn some people love.

In all this town is the nesting spot of a large number of these zoological apparitions, they where most likely declared as domestic animals out of the local people's fear of them and where not locked up behind the bars of a zoo . Along side a large number of houses cats have taken ower all the local garbage bins, vine cellers, holes, and junk yards, but to the hygienic benefit of the society.Whilst here orange, black, stripey and spotted pussies lick their paws, and wickers, in the London metroola where they have exterminated street cats and dogs, freely roam million of mice and rats, they party and rampage in the houses uninvited, whilst Foxes roam by night, and on the Thems giant river geese nest in flower pots, and threaten grannies in Chaney walk to never leave the house.

Yes I remember a granny making her neighbours buy her bread and deliver it thought the windows out of sheer fear of the gander and his beak and the idea that he might make her join her dead husband a few days too early.

Mathematicialy counting I suppose it is better to have than not to have cats , consequently its better they are fed and clean than scrawny and sick, and I am even under the impression that some believe that with not swearing and not throwing fish bones at neighbours, instead throwing those wishbones to feed cats they earn good deed points with the All seeing.

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