Creating And Altering The Verse
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Life is a canvas of one waking dream after the next. At any given moment the hand of a god is going to reach down and sweep you off your feet and set you on high. At any given moment a god is going to break through your doors and put all the pieces of life in place, one canvas at a time. “Where is my place?” you may ask. The answer is not as simple or clear cut as some may desire. Every word, every sign, every deed, gesture, step, movement of every body part and function is being carefully measured, observed and investigated by the eyes and hands of the divine. Every negative action, matter and vibration is being taken into account at this very moment and nullified, as always; and of course every positive action, matter, and vibration is currently, as always, being taken into account.

Every night that you slip off to rest and every morning that you come to wake, or vice versa if you are the nocturnal type, there is a watcher sent by the Lord of Hosts to protect and watch over you in your dreams as you slip from one verse to the next. And it is across the course of each slip from one verse to the next as you rest that the truth becomes clearer; that truth being that it is the word and the art form which shapes the verse and course of all reality at the permission of the Lord of Hosts.

Have you ever gone to sleep and seemingly awoken in what seemed like only minutes or even seconds after you slipped away into your resting place? Have you ever done this fore-mentioned act and then proceeded to carry on about your usual waking routines, such as brushing your teeth, showering, preparing coffee, etcetera only to find yourself whisked away from what you were doing, as if pulled from a dream state, to awaken again in the midst of the night without having experienced a lapse in time? Have you gone as far as not only putting the keys into the ignition of your car and driving to work or your academia center, but going even further to the point that you begin working through an entire day believing that you were truly awake only to wake up to your alarm clock sounding off with the correct date, and having lost no time?

You as well as everyone else has experienced dreams like these, most likely you simply don’t remember. Each one of us has undergone such dreams, most especially back in the days of our childhood. In these dreams, we would wake up spry and ready, precede to wash our hands and faces so we could grab breakfast and head off to the academy, only to find ourselves re-awaken in our beds from dreams we perceived as reality.

After you finish reading this article, I want you to take a moment to meditate and think back as far as you believe you can. Think back to when you were still a young child, think back to when you had just grasped the ability to read and speak. Think back to those first experiences you had when you would begin dreaming about fantasies you had just read about or stories your parents and friends spoke of. Think back to as far as you can, around the time that you began dreaming. Do you remember how real some dreams felt?

Regardless of whether a dream is as realistic as your present vantage point of reality, there is one pressing matter that is irrefutable, which is this: What we feed our mind; that is, what media we input into our minds via our sensory organs is going to have an affect on our minds eye and behavioral patterns in less time than one would think. It is imperative that this revelation is taken with the utmost care and consideration as very profound changes shall occur within not only the life of the individual, but our society as a whole.

Every book, series, play, radio broadcast, news article, etcetera is affecting our societal collective consciousness. Think of every time you slip off to rest, or sleep, as a period of time when a portal opens before the collective and individual consciousnesses and all that you can bring with you across this slip portal are the good relations and media you subscribe to. Each night look at the grand painting above, the cosmos, and observe how chaotic particular aspects of the cosmos appear, but then realize how every matter, vibration, and affair ties together in an apparent perfection of a dance and strife for the furtherance of absolute perfection spanning outward, inward, and onward forever and evermore.

Nearly every vibration, cause and effect throughout the Verse above, below, and throughout your home-world is in a constant state of motion seeking further equilibrium and harmonious balance with existence. After having entertained the thought of the cosmic apparatus, look at all the research that past neuroscientists have done on the brain.

Look at photographs of the human brain under an electron microscope with a non-lethal radioactive trace element permeating throughout the brain matter as synapses are firing. What one will observe is a vast network of light signals, electrical pulses, firing off like starbursts among a living sea of consciousness, with a visual resemblance much like the universe; and for one to postulate that their one tiny planet is the only neuron still firing in the entire expanse of the Universe is void of much needed reason. As one pans out across images of the outskirts of the known UniVerse, one will notice that there are two hemispheres of the Universe just as there are two hemispheres of the human brain.

After seeing these images and contemplating their meaning, many scientists today are observing how the human brain is modeled very similarly to the Universe. In a sense, even the vast societal collective consciousness of this entire world is one sapphire gem in a sea of an even larger expanse of consciousness augmenting forth carrying light into the darkness. This one neuron of a planet called Earth is just as integral as any other planet harboring conscience consciousnesses throughout this Universe’s expansion toward unceasing nirvana via words and star stuff. Inorder to maintain and perfect the sanctity, functions and inceptions of this Verse in which we reside it is critically imperative that each individual among this collective consciousness tune in toward good words, art forms, moral codes, workings and other material and energies which shall preserve our collective efforts to continue creating an evermore beautiful Verse for all life to prosper within and throughout.

“The dream we call physical reality is no more solid than any other dream we may experience. It is no less a product of our imagination. The source of all dreams is the dreamer. You are the dreamer. All is your reflection. All is now, and as you exist now, you always have existed, and always will. Death is nothing more than awakening from one dream into another.” (Anonymous Writer, Philosopher). Think of each time you go to rest, or perhaps even die, as a moment you slip from one verse of existence into another.

All media outlets connected and tied to the collective consciousness, which we extract from and contribute to are all networked together, and it is the media articles that each of us subscribes to and creates which become elements of our daily lives. Therefore each subscription, change of subscription, and tribute within the collective consciousness will gradually alter each person’s scope and experience of reality. This matrix or network of matrices will change, react, and incorporate the media which we feed ourselves and which we give back to the collective consciousness. That is to say, the more we focus our media scopes and utilize our filters, the more we transform and transmutate the collective womb of consciousness, which is connected to every individual.

The more we subscribe to the manifestation and creation of art and good workings, the more we slip to and improve upon better versions of the collective conscious apparatus, the Matriarch. Furthermore, the more we subscribe to, manifest, and improve upon art and reality, the more we adjust and fix corrupted verses throughout this collective consciousness. With each individual connected to this network of matrices and grand consciousness, it is imperative to improve the health of all living within and throughout the workings of each Verse, while affording little to no margin for destruction. That is to say that we should not destroy workings, individuals, or other matters within our collective, even when they have become corrupted or viral. Knowing that matter and energy are interchangeable and indestructible, those within each verse of the collective that have become corrupted or viral must be met with remedies rather than destructive processes to prevent further flaws and corruption from running even deeper into other verses of our collective consciousness.

Would it be too difficult to imagine that every time we go to rest, we are leaving one verse to slide into the next, in a creative spiral expanding onward and outward ad infinitum? Whatever good we create and manifest with our words, actions, and our motives, as well as whatever we learn in this verse comes with each of us, like a tenet or seed of karma, as each individual continues crossing threshold after threshold on their processes of enlightenment and creation.

As we come everso closer to god and achieving perfection, it is throughout these slips across the threshold that we meet and experience new visions, friendships, family members, ideas, and labors. It is this threshold, slip, or what some call death, that offers the opportunity to explore, transform, and realize the creation of life throughout the verse. Verse after verse, we must enjoy life, and strive in some manner to manifest righteous teachings, wisdom, enlightenment, love, and upright understandings.

Briefly imagine yourself as a photon moving across a hall of mirrors or portals; while each individual of the conscious collective slips across the threshold of verse after verse it is quintessential to leave some sort of tenet or spark of divine imagination behind as a seed of light to spark the creation of the next generations to come into being from the words that are to be written across expanse of the Verse. And leave each verse knowing that to be excellent is to manifest and spread excellence.

By the divine hand, the lives that we are presently experiencing are waking dreams in which we have been given the opportunity to share and contribute to in any productive and creative way, before we slip away to awaken to other states of life and consciousness. Each conscious person operating throughout the matrices of the Verse, must strive to perform like that of an agent on some type of mission for the bettering of understanding, art, and construction.

Without these operative protocols in mind and in practice, all may be lost, for every good word we write or speak is a spark of creation that will echo across the Verses of eternity, altering the courses of history, the present moment, as well as the future of all life within and throughout. The more we dream, the more we live and function throughout the universe, and the more we live, the more we dream. When we have found ourselves facing the death or collapse of one verse, or dream, we have truly found ourselves at the precipice of crossing the threshold between one verse to the next. Thus it is what we write in today’s verse that becomes what we wake to tomorrow.

If one member of our inescapable collective consciousness is struggling to find solace, prosperity, and truth, then verily it is up to all members of the collective to seek out and find remedies through media, nutrition, and other forms of sustenance, which can cure any and all ails throughout the matrices of our worlds; across any threshold. Each one of us must always try to remember that we are writing and editing the past, present and future at all times, and we give shape to existence subtly and profoundly in all entirety through art forms, words, and action. The more that individuals, and the collective as a whole, contribute to this forever expanding sea of consciousness of our Verse, the closer we come to achieving a profound state of perfection across the grand tapestry of existence.

The more that we change this tapestry of existence, the more we slip with the collective of our greater whole through one verse to the next. In brevity, imagine all the forms of life upon and within this planet and how many times life has been created, destroyed, reassembled, and created again. As nature reveals that life is always seeking further perfection and adaptation it is apparent that the apparatus responsible for all life is a perfectionist of an artist in a constant pursuit to create and manifest beauty and harmony. The divine artistic creator of all words and worlds is forever operating as the undying element permeating through each individual of our collective, therefore it is imperative that each individual fulfill his and her role in delivering life’s creations to the Verses, which our consciousnesses reside.

This god, or artist, works and writes to attain a transcendental state of existence in a balance encompassing, and permeating, all virtuous and savage forms of being. In the unrelenting pursuit of perfecting and achieving the artistic scope of reality with a balance among and betwixt the pure and raw, the collective of our operating consciousness shall continue in development and achievement, as well as maintenance of the homeostasis’ of life‘s philosophical, scientific, natural, and artistic designs.

In the eyes of the gods who behold us, we shall continue the process of slipping from one verse to the next as we strive in our operations of good creation, artistries, and words. And, the more that one realizes, incorporates and functions with the awareness that the living verse is what each of us applies, practices, and writes throughout the matrices of our existence, the closer we shall come to re-achieving the image that the gods intended when they first said “let us make Man and Woman in our image.” Each person in our society was created, whether by some natural force or supernatural force, for a purpose to fulfill a role in the great plan of our cosmos. Therefore, in realizing that each individual is an integral part of the collective, we must persist to save all matters and persons we can, as well as learn all the wisdom that we can so that we may share all of creation as a whole on the coming Day of Days.

When we go forth throughout our lives day by day know that the hand of god can come for anyone or no one among us at anytime to slip us away to the next verse of life. Therefore, as we go forth throughout our lives, day by day it is imperative that we seek to better our communities and collective consciousness in some way or another through pressing forward on the pathways of the righteous and fruitful, and manifesting the will of excellence for the collective consciousness in all entirety. By gradually repairing our errors, from one verse to the next, as the opportunity and affordability arise, we come closer to a grand unifying verse of verses, which contains godlike qualities to perfect and provide sustainability in the areas in which man could not. Coupled with the realization that the entirety of the Verse in which we reside is a work of art and each individual among our collective consciousness is a vessel or fountain of bits of information media, work, and art for the grand schematic of creation; the continuation to reach out and identify with art and other media will provide the necessary bridges to greater possibilities for all of life bit by bit.

Each and everyone and zero of us is held by a matrix of zeroes and ones and permeated by the sea and verse of words and names; that is to say that our lives are artistically created by the divine hands of the gods, whom are those outside of the experience of the creation we call life; and there is no escaping this truth. The reality is that all creation is interconnected, and what each of us creates with our words and deeds can become living bodies if the Lord of Hosts permits such creation to become into being. Thus it is absolutely imperative that each person and collective body look to purify their thoughts and behaviors to go forth and attain the fruit of life, which is awaiting each of us on the outside.

In going forth to the other side, we must let go of any preconceived notions of history’s truth; for there is only one undying truth about history: we do not so much as study history, as we create history here and now; for those who look back for too long will turn to stone and ash. All of history is precisely nothing more than history, as all of tomorrow, the present, and future reside at the mercy of the pen of the divine hand. And all that is within and outside the timeline is ever changing, which is precisely why we must constantly revise the purity of the past, present, and future, via the media of our mediums.

Every moment, movement, vibration, and harmonic resonance is impacting the Verses in which we reside more profoundly than any single mortal man can perceive. As each impact takes place within one Verse, ripples of vibrations cross over and have some effect upon neighboring Verses, that is to say that each verse is part of a compilation of stories, with one effecting the next. Our collective consciousness is interwoven with the matrix, our mother, until the day we die and are re-born via crossing the threshold in our terminally due time. In seeking out propagation mediums to correlate to, it is essential to disregard the outdated modes of thinking which may have jeopardized all the glories that could have been among our collective in the past, while not leaving the members of our collectives behind.

We are living in a Verse networked and comprised of words, principles, mathematical, algorithms and other codes transcribed via energy vibrations and moving matters, which are forever shaping life throughout the course of all eternity. How is one to react to the very likely possibility of all of this? How is one to react to the very likely possibility that our collective and individual consciousnesses reside within a network of matrices, which are shaped on profound and subtle levels to each energy vibration, movement, other broadcasts and practices of all those residing within and without? The answer is simple: with one peaceable and creative step, word, and deed at a time. The further we slip from one Verse to the next, the more we learn and the more we develop on all scales. If the societal conscious collective is to survive the everlasting course of time, each and all must cast our words as seeds and plowshares, so that life blossoms throughout each verse we experience as we continue crossing the threshold.

The finalizing objective of mastering One’s ability to function within the Universe is to realize the power and responsibility of Ordered Chaos within and throughout our existence, and to keep our conscious collective from manifesting much unneeded hurricanes and wars. And in the effort of fulfilling this objective, each of us shall cease our submergences of inequities and begin emergences, as we slip across the threshold, from one verse to the next. In sowing our seeds and growing toward the light, we must never conspire to work or prevail against our source of life, the light. The shadows of the past must remain untouched and never chased after, for the verses left behind are delivered into the throes and mercies of the Earth Shakers down below, Poseidon and his armadas.

It is the divine hand that created all that is and ever will become, which is why we must forever honour the gods through aiding the spark of creation. Verily, verily; by the divine hand it is written in and through the blood of untold numbers of generations that in the eyes of the gods who art in the Heavens, the chasms below, and here among us, there is only one true society: the Society of the Word. All else is illusory. Therefore each individual must and shall strive, to some degree, to operate as a light worker, collectively and individually, performing with each mind, spirit, and physical experience as modes to give shape to the glories and liberties of life throughout each Verse.

After all is said and done we are finely tuned instruments at the mercy of the gods and the Lord of Hosts, put upon worlds such as this one all across the Verse to build and affirm a brave and bold civilization of transcendentalism, through art, in which society operates and functions evermore harmoniously with the natural apparatuses of the original existence established by the gods. Thereupon, remember that each man, woman, and child throughout Verse is the Son or Daughter of a god. That is to say that they are conduits between the world of the gods the the world of mortals. "All the universe is a stage and each of us plays a part." (William Shakespeare) The gods have given each of us this one verse of a stage to play our role within, therefore we must seek out those roles to further improve upon the harmonious perfection of each Verse for all Mankind. As such, what Mankind creates through plays, writings, songs, and dance in one Verse will have an effect upon the next verse and perhaps others to become.

In finishing this speech let it be known that every book, series, play, news article, etcetera is going to affect the viewers, the mediums, and desires of entire collectives, civilizations, and society. Thus when there are ills plaguing our conscious collective society; such as war, rumors of war, corruption, destructive weather and other pestilences; if you do not possess the power to stop or change the weather, the least you and your friends can do is read a good book, write a good song or play, or any other action that may uplift the spirits of those you know while continuing the spark of the creative fire which seeds life and light throughout each verse.

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