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The Danger Of Justified Tinkering
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The Danger Of Justified Tinkering

The re-alignment of something that has gone out of alignment; such as the steering column on an auto-mobile, is a wise thing to do, but the re-alignment of something that is in alignment is unwise. This is a well-established theory summed up in the oft used phrase; ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’.

To fix something that isn’t broken is to act as one would act if something was broken. The curiosity is; why someone would act as if something was broken when it isn’t.

The two immediate reasons are 1. It is in fact broken and 2. It is about to broken. Now we can dispense with the first reason because we have already noted it isn’t broken; yet what about reason 2. Why act as if something is broken when it is only about to broken?

The primary reason that jumps to mind is that acting as if something is broken because it is about to broken, makes it easier to justify one’s actions after one has broken what was not broken.

This might seem gobbledegook, yet is recognised that there are instances when someone who for example wants, but does not need, a new TV begins to act as if the TV is broken. This allows them to ‘tinker’ with it until it breaks and then state that ‘They knew it was broken’, and were therefore justified in not only tinkering but in buying an unneeded, yet wanted, TV; usually bigger, brighter, shinier and technologically superior to the one they had. One upon which they could read ‘Street Articles’ on for example.

Now whilst the ability to read a ‘Street Article’ on TV is arguably beneficial, the method of fixing what wasn’t broken is disturbing. If the method were for instance utilised in Marriage or World politics it might lead to marital and global conflict, and perhaps to a state of irreconcilable differences, leading to divorce a global break-up; in other words, broken beyond repair.

But because there was activity suggesting that things were broken beyond repair; when they are actually demonstrated as being broken beyond repair, we often plaudit those who stated it. We often show our gratitude for our ‘fixers’ due to their near-psychic ability to spot that something that is working fine is actually broken.

Of course people who can fix broken things are invaluable, yet people who have a near-psychic ability to spot the break in the seemingly unbroken are to be listened to a little more closely. If they are spotting imminent break-down that is potentially useful and beneficial; especially if they can produce factual evidence to support their ability. However, if they are merely tinkering with unbroken goods until they are good and broken; that is quite another thing.

Fixers are as I mentioned invaluable. Justified Tinkerers are potentially nothing more than those who seek irreparable damage. They are simply dangerous.

Street Talk

Really interesting article. I like the example of tinkering with a television until it actually acts broken. The irony of the self fulfilling prophecy brought on by justified tinkering is always amusing to me.

  about 8 years ago
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