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How To Treat Hypochondriasis
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Hypochondriasis. Also known as health anxiety. What are the primary symptoms? How is it clinically diagnosed and assessed? What are the causes? What are the medical treatments? What are the psychotherapy treatments?

Allthough there are many forms of anxiety about, one of the rarest is known as hypochondriasis. Since anxiety affects about 10% of the population at any one time, there are many hypochondriacs among us. When defining the condition we should note hypochondriasis is the fear of contamination by illness. Even though we all fear serious illness, hypochondriacs are preoccupied with illness. Each of them have preoccupied themselves with knowledge of the details of diseases. Such is the anxiety that they delude themselves that they are unwell.

Hypochondriasis can be classed as severe health anxiety disorder. Because it continues for more than 3 months, it is classed as disorder. On average, most hypochondriacs suffer from this condition for many years before they are finally treated. Many doctors class hypochondriasis as psychosomatic. Interestingly, even mild colds become compared to the plague by hypochondriacs.

Signs and symptoms of hypochondriasis include the fear of incurable diseases, extreme knowledge of the details of all ailments, neurosis about the mildest symptoms being serious, internalised paranoia about germs and terminal diseases being present, constant worrying about being sick, obsession with hygiene. Whenever there is any common cold virus in our neighbourhood, the hypochondriac will not leave the home for weeks.

One of the signs of our average hypochondriac is constantly taking excessive amounts of unnecessary medication believing they are unwell based on obsessions with symptoms and treatments. As such, they exaggerate mild ailments to match their knowledge. So now they become even more deluded and obsessive about having imagined ailments. Even obscure and little known diseases are researched by these individuals.

Some restrictions on outdoor recreational and professional activities are considered to be both essential and desirable for our average hypochondriac. Fear is the underlying psychological cause behind these neurological irrational thought processes. Stress releases excessive amounts of the hormone cortisol into our bodies while we sleep.

So, the physiological signs and symptoms of stress are often mistaken by the hypochondriac individual for yet another condition. In fact, hypochondria is paranoia about illness leading to stress leading to psychosomatic signs and symptoms requiring cognitive based behaviour therapy.

As such, the essential treatment is to boost levels of the serotonin chemical hormone by medication to transform serotonin reuptake inhibitors and to sharply boost dopamine chemical neurotransmitter levels.

Only intensive cognitive behaviour psychotherapy and counselling are the solutions to cure this severe form of anxiety over years of time. If these treatment programmes are followed then there is indeed a cure for your hypochondriasis.


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at least this is known so it can be dealt with...this is good to know

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