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Canon Eos 60d Review: Why Should You Love This Camera Like I Do
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Canon Eos 60d Review: Why Should You Love This Camera Like I Do

I love the Canon 60d. Why? It is a really practical camera. It is cheap, and produces great video. So here is my Canon EOS 60d review:

I’m going to talk about a day of shooting with the 60d for my zombie apocalypse movie.

I was shooting the pre-apocalyptic sequences of the infected town, a perfect suburban paradise of white picket fences and beauty, that soon becomes hell on earth, etc. Anyway I used the Nano Fly-cam, but it would be better to use the larger version with an arm brace. It would just be easier.

On the other hand, the Nano worked fine, but after a couple of hours of steadicam work, my arms were getting tired. I want to point out with this Canon EOS 60d review, that it is important to know that the Nano Fly-cam is a hand-held tool. There is no shoulder harness, etc, and still it took a couple of hours until I got tired.

Why? Because I had the 60d on top of it. The 60d is light. This is the lightest camera I have ever used to get HD footage. This means quick set ups. In-fact, the entire crew consisted of one person: me. This has never been possible before, and I’ve been making films for over twenty years now, so I should know.

I know that people, in their Canon EOS 60d reviews, complain about not being able to listen to sound with the 60d, but I did not have a problem with that. I just hook up a lav mic to it, set the audio controls to manual, and after doing a mic test, 90% of the time I get perfect sound levels. That is the way we do it in the news industry, as more and more broadcasters no longer use sound technicians. Is it the the best way? No. But it works in most cases.

But being able to simply pick up the 60d fast, and put it down anywhere I want, or taking it into public places without drawing attention to myself is a blessing!

I want to point out that the 60d camera gives you, not only the best professional image that you can use for cinema, but also, for the first time in history, cinematic freedom to enable you to go practically anywhere you want with very little effort, and capture the moment, or get unusual angles that would normally cost a lot of money and requier a lot of crew to get it.

For my zombie film I covered kilometers of ground with the 60d. I was documenting the pristine neighbourhood, sometimes on the Nano, sometimes on light weight sticks, using available light. I shot about 2 hours of footage, I finished before dinner, and I still had energy to shoot more.

The Canon EOS 60d is cheaper than the other semi-pro DSLR'S, but produces the same fantastic image quality.

I know Canon brought out the C300, which is more like a film or video camera, but I doubt you could tell the difference between the 60d and the C300 when you put the images side by side. The C300 is much heavier, and about 14000 dollars more expensive. You would not get it on the Nano cam either, it is just too heavy.

For a low budget project, for a secondary camera, for a camera that can go anywhere, the 60d is the one to get. I hope you enjoy this Canon 60d review.

Street Talk

The 60D is an awesome camera. Really the best of everything. Can't wait to get my hands on one. Thanks for this excellent review, and love your photography!

  about 1 decade ago
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