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How To Avoid Five Common Mistakes For Photography Novices (1)
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How to Avoid Five Common Mistakes for Photography Novices (1)

First mistake: The obscure photo

This is probably the problem that each photographer novices may encounter, the photos being shot can be obscure, and most of the situation is caused by two problems: out of focus and the shaking hands.

I always suggest the novices use the single-point focusing. The multi-point focusing settled in the camera give the option of focus point to the camera, but the stuff you want to shoot is not in the focusing range of the camera itself. The single-point focusing can focus according to your own choice. Focusing the point to the subject, and half-pressing the shutter to focus and remain this state to move forward, this way to focus is the most accurate and fast way.

And to avoid the problem of hand-shaking, we have to refer to the concept of”safety shutter”: safety shutter=(1/length of focus)

For instance: while shooting flying birds using the 200mm focal length, the safety shutter speed in theory is 1/200 seconds, if the shutter speed is less than 1/200 second, the photos may be obscure because of hand-shaking. But the point we need to notice is that the shutter speed cannot be less than 1/50 second normally, although you are using the 18mm focal length, the shutter speed still need to exceed 1/50 seconds, not 1/18 seconds.

Second mistake: The settle of ISO is not appropriate

The value of ISO cannot be changed in the film area, but the digital camera now is very convenient, only a press can change the value of the ISO. So we have to take good use of this function. Some photography novices have no idea how to set ISO value, there are some references.

1. The Low ISO (such as ISO 100) is often used as the outside photography during day, it can help with the quality of the photos.

2. During the night or the weak light, we can firstly enlarge the aperture to see if the shutter speed is in the safety shutter. If we cannot guarantee the safety shutter speed, we have to improve the ISO gradually until arrived the safety shutter.

3. While shooting moving object, we should improve the ISO even during day, such as ISO 400-800

4. We also need to improve the ISO while shooting people during night, like ISO 800-1600. Open the flashlight and then shoot to see is there ay difference.

To enhance the level of photography, we cannot only strive to learn photography knowledge, but also learn how to use photo editor, make various attempts and get to know what not to do, as well as understand our own photo problems. Here are five mistakes I think novice photographers will often make, you can see if you have the same problem, of course, here also has corresponding solution for each error, I hope it can help you.

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