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How To Learn Photography
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How to learn Photography

You might be holding a camera in your hand and had lots of experiences taking pictures from family vacations, hang outs with your friends, dates with your partner, etc. But it doesn't mean that because of those experiences in taking pictures, you are already a photographer. Being a photographer means that you can take photos that are better compared to what normal people can take. You must have an extra skill and eye.

There are already so many photographers out there who made it in the field and you can be one of them. Because there are already many photographers around, you must also do something better for you to be better than them. Nowadays, it's not enough to be just good or a mediocre. You must be better than good. But how can you learn photography really? How can you also capture the worlds beauty and preserve them into your frame?

Let me tell you things that you can do:

1. Buy a camera

Of course you can also borrow but it's really better if you have your own camera. Learning photography needs a lot of time from you and your camera so better have one. When you are still starting, you don't have to buy a very expensive professional camera. Even a point and shoot digital camera will do if you are in the first stage.

2. Read your camera's manual

I know it sounds funny that I still have to tell this. But I know a lot of people who after buying a camera, with the excitement to use it immediately, they forget to read the camera's manual to learn its features. When I first bought my simple camera, I really took time to read it's manual and it's really worth it. It may take you some boring time but after it, you will not miss the good features of your new best friend - your camera.

3. Learn in your own, practice shooting

After reading all the features of your camera, it's now time to apply them. I suggest that you bring with you the camera's manual so that in case you forgot something, you'll have a reference. Then keep on taking pictures. Get as many as you can. Have fun. Don't also be limited with one place and subject. Get as many types as you can as long as time allows. Try also as many features as you can.

4. Read books about photography

Your camera's manual already gave you a lot of information but of course it's not enough. Buying books (you may also borrow if you have a friend who has one) may require you to spend something but it will also provide you great information about photography. Almost everything I apply in taking pictures are things I learned from the book. The good thing also in book is that they provide examples that you can follow. You can also always bring it as you wish and read it during vacant time (rather that just sitting down and imagining non-sense things).

5. Learn online

Just by googling, you can see a lot of websites that share information about photography. There are also so many good photograph examples online that you can follow. If you want, you can also buy Ebooks as additional materials for you to learn from.

6. Join Photography website forums

There are also photography online forums out there and it's free to join. Just be an active member, ask questions, and professional members are more than willing to help you.

7. Join Seminars

Buying books and going online to learn by yourself is always good but attending seminars are a lot better. Aside from knowing more friends in the field, the learning is person to person and and is more fun since you are with many. Sometimes if you're alone, learning is boring right? Seminars also have workshops and they can always help you personally so you will surely learn a lot.

8. Join Photography club in your area

It's always nice to have an organization wherein you are a member of those who also do what you like to do. You have also the benefit of socializing and learning more.

We can't deny that there are good photographers who did not have any formal education. However not everyone is given that natural talent. And as they also say, two heads are better than one. You can surely learn by yourself but yourself is still limited. Why not widen your horizon and learn from others too?

While learning, develop you own style little by little. Try doing things that teachers do not teach. Who knows, you might be the one who can take the best shot and make money out of it.

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