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Photo Posing Ideas - How To Give Your Photos A Professional Look!
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Photography is an art that is based on very basic posing ideas. Here are a few pointers on good posing for photography.

When photographing a single person, your posing options are many as compared to photographing a group. The pose that your model takes will depend largely on the kind of shot cropping that you want to do.

A Profile Shot

This is the pose whereby the model has a shoulder facing the camera. A profile shot only allow you to see half of the face. For the best profile shot, the light should be shining on the models face directly. You should light the subject from the front and also from the cameras direction. This will help to remove dark shadows and get a clear profile picture that brings out the details of the models face.

A Three Quarter Shot

This is a photo posing idea that allows you to take a shot from the chest upwards. This may seem rather like an unimaginative shot but it presents you with a huge range of poses to take. The models can pose the head differently; have his/her shoulders and chest communicate the emotions on his/her face. It is possible to make the model look sad, elated, sexy etc.

A Full Body Shot

This is the best type of photo posing. It gives you all the range of poses that you can imagine. If your model lies down and props her head with her hand the shot brings out her femininity. The model could also sit down and have her legs crossed and leans her head back so that you get a good shot of her chest and exposed neck. The model may sit on a motor bike and hold the helmet under her arms giving a very appealing shot. This is the most versatile photo posing idea.

When it comes to photographing more than one person, then you are presented with scenes that rely more on organization rather than creativity. When doing different poses,  a group becomes very hard to organize for the shot. The main problem is to get the subjects into the shot whilst still getting the details of their physiques. The larger the group gets the more difficult posing for the shot becomes.

There are various other photo posing ideas but these are the most basic. Once you understand the shot you want to take then you can let your creativity run free for the best shots.

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