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Panic Attacks Can Be Cured
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The phrase "I get panic" is used frequently and often in a joking manner. For those who have experienced panic in the form of a panic attack, it is anything but playful.

Your heart is bumping, your hands are trembling and you sweat tremendously.

Everything spins around and you cannot think straight, it feels as if the brain is about to overheat. You may not have enough air and panic spreads through the body.

If you feel this way and panic comes on suddenly without warning, you have something called a panic attack.

We have all at some time felt somewhat panicky. With high pulse and a feeling that this will never go the way. The man in the psychiatric sense says with panic disorder or a panic attack is not quite the same, but of course there is a certain similarity.

The physical symptoms that are basically similar, although the intensity is different. In both cases, the body is set to go, which means that a fear responses have been triggered and that the body is prepared for flight. Among other things, the heart beats faster to quickly pump out the blood and oxygen to the muscles, digestion priority removed and oxygen is redistributed so that the thigh muscles get an extra dose, while the brain may be a bit smaller than usual (at immediate risk has yet no time to think , then you have to act immediately and instinctively).

It is not uncommon that the person wants to escape from the scene when the attack comes - especially if the physical symptoms are strong. When someone is experiencing a panic attack for the first time, they often seek out a hospital or an emergency department in the belief that they have had a heart attack. They think they are dying.

If you have recurrent panic attacks that are perceived to come as a bolt from the blue and also a persistent concern to get new attacks or an anxiety about what attacks may lead to (that you should die, losing control, going crazy or faint), then it can it be that it is about Panic disorder diagnosis.

It is important if you think you are suffering from panic attacks to do something about it.

You do not die from panic attacks.

You can not get stuck in panic attacks.

You can not become psychotic by panic attacks.

You are not alone, these symptoms are common.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has proven to be a very effective method for treating panic disorder in a relatively short period of time with lasting results. In therapy, the patient learn how bodily reactions, thoughts and behaviors interact to create and maintain panic.

Patients must also learn the biological facts about the fear-reaction that is important to eliminate the catastrophic interpretations. The patient may learn to fear-reaction to bed automatically after a while if you arrive without any safety behavior remains in the panic-creating the situation and that it therefore can not be trapped in the panic and fear does not lead to psychosis or heart attack.

Within the therapy may then be practical help to train on knowing the symptoms that arise when panic as they played down. This is done partly by inducing physical symptoms, and by gradually confront and stay in those situations that tend to provoke panic attacks. At first it may be valuable exposure to the panic-inducing situations involving a psychologist / therapist and therapy sessions can then be done on the pedestrian street, in cafés, in the subway. With the right performed and repeated exposure training is usually it is generally relatively quickly to reverse the downward spiral and the patient can then continue training on their own and gradually expose themselves to more difficult situations that are planned in consultation with the psychologist / therapist.

Many have also been helped by learning relaxation techniques they can use during the exposure exercise. Very high anxiety and / or concomitant depression may make it difficult to perform exposure training. You can help by being treated with an antidepressant SSRIs

One of the most common questions about panic attacks is: Can it be treated treated? The answer is yes. Panic Attacks can be cured .

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