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The Best Excercises For Bad Knees
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The best exercises for bad knees are those that don’t cause concussion or trauma to the already injured knee. Running is one exercise that causes a lot of stress to joints because of the repetitive force that is placed on the knee when the foot hits the ground. Many runners suffer injury to the knees over time and often look for other ways to stay in shape that will leave their knees in tact.

Swimming is an excellent way to get that needed exercise without the stress on the knees that running can sometimes cause. The water provides the resistance required for building muscle without contact on a hard surface and swimming laps in the pool can provide as much of a cardio workout as a morning jog. This way, runners can maintain endurance while they recover. Many physical therapists use water for rehabilitation for athletes that have suffered an injury. They use the pool to increase range of motion while providing a safe way for someone to maintain muscle tone. If you have access to a pool, swimming each day can allow you to maintain your level of fitness while giving your knee injury ample time to heal.

If you don’t have access to a pool, a stationary bike is another great way to stay in shape while you’re on the mend. Starting out with a lower resistance keeps the muscles in the legs toned and fit. Although you’re pushing with your legs, the tension used while riding a stationary bike is much less traumatic to the structures of the knee than the jarring associated with vigorous running. Depending on the speed, you’re also maintaining your level of fitness. This way, when you can return to running you’ll be at a much higher fitness level than if you had sat out your recovery time on the couch. Many of the exercise bikes available today have specific workouts programmed in that are suited to just about any level of strength. Like therapy in a pool, many physical therapists use exercise bikes to slowly help patients return to normal levels of activity after an injury.

Whether swimming or using an exercise bike, caution should always be used when recovering from a knee injury. Trying too much too soon can often result in re-injury or a longer recovery time. You should always talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise to determine if what you’re intending on doing is appropriate with the nature and level of your injury.

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