Various Types Of Physical Therapies For Different Diseases
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Various Types Of Physical Therapies for Different Diseases

Without a doubt, the blend of hyper-competition and continuous pressure to meet deadlines have changed the lifestyle of ordinary individuals across the world. Both physical and psychological problems are affecting the life of ordinary individuals on a regular basis. These two have become the most common problem for every household across the globe.

But every problem has a solution. In order to tackle these problems have given the birth of physical therapy. The rudimentary purposes of all physical therapies are to offer physical care through a process of rehabilitation. If a person is suffering from any kind of physical pain or require rehabilitation from injury, surgical procedures or other causes then s/he should opt for physical therapies without wasting too much of time. However, before opting for a physical therapy, an individual must aware about the various types of physical therapies and therapists.

Based on the types of the diseases and most importantly therapies, different physical therapists offer their help and services. It is the tireless work of physical therapists that help people to find normalcy in their life after a disease, injury or any other incident. Across the world, there are several various types of physical therapies are being performed on a regular basis to heal the pain of millions of patient across the world.


Orthopedic therapy is undoubtedly the most common and used form of physical therapy. Orthopedic therapy treats injuries that affect the bones, muscles or other tissues in a human body. People require this kind of therapy when injuries are caused during working or playing or after a surgery. Exercises and manual therapies are the example of this form of therapy. Orthopedic therapy helps to maximize the range of motion and other techniques to heal pain and bring back mobility.

Wound Care

Wound care therapy makes sure whether the body is obtaining enough oxygen and blood or not to heal the wound. Wound includes chronic wounds, necrotic wounds, and also after surgery wounds. Therapists use both manual and automatic techniques to improve circulation of blood and oxygen. Some also apply electrical stimulation to heal wounds. Removal of dead tissues and use of compression techniques are also considered as the part of this therapy.


Pediatric therapies help to treat those children (of various ages) who are suffering from issues such as movement, strength, and co-ordination. With the help of the custom therapies, pediatric therapists help to improve dexterity, strength, and control of a child and adults too. They also ensure children to connect cognitively to their body and to their surrounding environment. This type of therapy is especially beneficial to those kids who are suffering from chronic diseases, neurological disorders or sustaining a serious injury.


A person, who encountered a serious cardiopulmonary incident such as heart attack, requires help from cardio-pulmonary therapists. This therapy is really important as the condition of heart remains really weak after an attack. Therapists work on a regular basis with patients to strengthen their heart and body and also help to increase patients’ stamina through exercises.


Vestibular therapy helps to heal the problems of those who sustained damages in the mechanism of inner ear. Vestibular therapists use various manual techniques to help people compensating for new signals received from the inner ear. The aim of this therapy is to teach the brain about the processes to adapt the necessary changes in the inner ear.


Geriatric physical therapists are specialized in helping people to overcome the common issues that occur later part in life - problems such as arthritis, weakened bones and muscles due to osteoporosis, difficulty in moving after surgery in order to replace or repair joints and many more. An effective geriatric therapy allows older people to live actively and free from pain.


Decongestive physical therapy mainly deals with patients who are suffering from edema or problems associated with lymph nodes. Many suffer from fluids in their arms & legs. It is the work of decongestive therapists to drain those fluids out when it begin to painful or too problematic. Therapists also use exercise, compression, and other treatments to reduce the building-up of fluids. Decongestive therapy on a regular basis is the best way to control the lymphedema.


Unlike other therapies which focus on the injuries to muscle or bone, neurological therapy focuses on the human brain. Neurological therapy helps to offer those who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, or suffered a traumatic brain injury or trying to recovering from a stroke. Therapists work to maximize the response of limbs undoing some forms of paralysis and strengthening the muscles that have started to atrophy. This therapy helps patients to get back to the state to live independently once again.

Physical therapists are those health care professionals who are renowned for offering cost-effective treatment based on evidence. Their work improves strength and relieves pain, minimizes the need for surgery and drugs, and ultimately allows the individuals to participate in a recovery plan specifically designed for their body.

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