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Pilates Breathing Technique: What Is Proper Pilates Breathing?
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Pilates Breathing Technique: What is Proper Pilates Breathing?

If you have an interest in learning Pilates, then one of the key fundamental basics for every beginner is understanding and mastering proper Pilates breathing technique.

Today we can find "how to" information on most subjects all over the internet and some of the material available is undoubtedly of value. However, there is also a vast amount of poor quality information online. For people interested in learning more about Pilates, there are a substantial number of videos freely accessible on YouTube and other video sharing sites. From my examination however, the majority of what I see is of very limited value and some is downright hazardous to people's health!

It is important to learn Pilates from the ground floor up. Pilates video training is undoubtedly very worthwhile, but the difficulty comes with finding a source of professionally qualified and carefully structured Pilates coaching delivered by video online. This is a subject in itself and perhaps I'll write a separate article about that.

With particular regard to correct breathing technique, I must emphasize that learning proper Pilates breathing is not difficult, but it is essential. We all tend to breath shallowly using the top part of the chest as a general habit. This denies our body of much needed oxygen and fails to adequately engage our abdominal muscles or help us to learn the technique of engaging our deep abdominal muscles to stablise our core.

In Pilates we need to educate our body over a little time to breath calmy and deeply down into the abdominal region. During correct breathing technique, we feel the sensation of our chest expanding wide and full in the lower ribcage region. This lateral breathing technique is also referred to as thoracic breathing or thoracic lateral breathing.

The technique involves drawing air through our nose deep into the abdominal region, so you feel and see the stomach rise a little and the ribcage expands out to the sides. Then on the out breath through the mouth, allow your abdominal muscles to encourage the stomach to flatten in toward the spine as the air leaves your body. Information such as this is not easy to make clear only using the written word and I will say that my research online did reveal some YouTube Pilates videos and a Pilates coaching website that I highly rate. I'll write more about this another time. I hope this description of the technique is found to be of some help in understanding the Pilates breathing basics and I look forward to sharing with you further Pilates techniques.

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