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How Much Water Is In The Human Body?
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How Much Water Is In The Human Body?

A significant percentage of the human body is water. So how much water is in the human body? The percentages vary depending on a person’s age, and the amount of fat that is stored on ones body.

The total percentage of water that makes up the weight of a newborn baby can be as high as 75-78%. The percentage of water weight will gradually decrease throughout a person’s lifetime, but will drop the most in the first 10 years of life.

Contrary to what one might think, fatty tissue contains less percentage of water per volume than does muscle tissue. One pound of muscle has more water in it than one pound of fat. So the less lean a person is, the less their body weight is made up of water. In extreme obesity, the percentage of water in the body has been measured to reach as low as 45%.

Due to physiology, an average, fit and trim adult woman generally has somewhat more fat tissue than does a man of similar fitness and age. Where this full grown adult male may normally have around 60% water weight on average, this female may normally may have between 56-58% water weight, on average. Physiological gender differences aside, the body weight of a fit and trim adult woman will have a much higher percentage of water than the weight of an out-of-shape, obese adult male.

How Does Dehydration Affect the Body

Dehydration becomes noticeable when one loses about 2% of their normal water volume. It can be caused by simply going for long periods without drinking fluids, but your body will lose water much quicker during physical exertion or exercise.

The effects of dehydration can include thirst, headaches, abnormally dark colored urine, dizziness and delirium, low endurance, decreased blood pressure leading to rapid heart rate, increased body temperature, and in extreme cases, unconsciousness and death.

Where does the Water reside in our Bodies?

How much water is in the human body, and where does it exist? Hormones help to regulate water volume in the body. Water is distributed between intracellular fluid (within the cells), and extracellular (body fluid outside of the cells). This ratio is roughly two-thirds (2/3) intracellular, or about 63%, to one-third (1/3) extracellular.

Your blood makes up of about 8% of your body weight. Blood is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelet cells, and plasma. Water is a constituent of all three types of blood cells, but the plasma is the cell-less fluid in which the blood cells are normally suspended. Plasma is made up of 93% water, and is about 1/5 of the extracellular fluid in the body.

Interstitial fluid (tissue fluid) is the fluid that surrounds and bathes the cells throughout the body. This fluid helps move nutrients throughout the body and helps remove waste from it. Interstitial fluid makes up four-fifths (4/5) of all extracellular fluid in the body. On average, an adult has around 2.9 US gallons of interstitial fluid.

Transcellular fluid makes up about 2.5% of water within the body. It is an extracellular fluid that bathes the central nervous system, makes up ocular and joint fluids, and is the main fluid in urine that helps flush waste and contaminants from the body.

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