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How To Remove Fluoride From Water
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How to Remove Fluoride From Water

There are many reasons to learn how to remove fluoride from water. When applied topographically to our teeth during brushing, fluoride from toothpaste is deadly to bacteria within our mouths. However, when it's added to our water supply and ingested internally, we are slowly poisoning ourselves in the same way.

Mountains of scientific evidence is accumulating proving that consuming the toxic chemical, fluoride is damaging our health. Fluoride is added to U.S. water supplies under the pretense that it prevents tooth decay. An article recently published in the Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences detailed a study proving that consuming fluoride causes a number of ailments, among them neurological damage of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve pathways. It stunts the development of children’s brains, and causes white or yellow spots on teeth (dental fluorosis). It collects in the bones and in the thyroid gland, causing bones to become brittle, and has been found in several scientific studies to cause cancer in both.

Experiments in rats that consumed fluoridated water caused lower body weights, and contaminated nervous systems, as opposed to those that hadn't been fed fluoridated water. Why should you remove fluoride from water before drinking it? In people, fluoride poisoning causes the same neurological damage as in rats, and it manifests itself in various ways. More prevalent in children, fluoride poisoning leads to brain damage which causes reduced cognitive function, and ultimately, a lower IQ. It also causes learning disabilities, and hyperactivity disorders.

It doesn't make any sense to lower the intelligence level of your children or yourself based on the flawed logic that consuming a poison might lesson tooth decay. I think we can find better, less toxic ways to prevent tooth decay in our mouths. Unfortunately, the FDA refuses to change it’s stance on this and actively targets municipalities that try to stop their fluoridation programs.

Fluoride is a chemical toxic waste from the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries, which have been able to shirk their responsibility to properly dispose of this toxic hazardous waste, by marketing it to water utilities. In collusion with "health officials", it has been mandated as a "nutrient" in our municipal water supplies. Historically, fluoride has been used as the main active ingredient in rat poison, and was used to stupefy prisoners by the Nazi's during WWII. Along with other poisons the pharmaceutical industry peddles to the public, the main ingredient in antidepressants is derived from fluoride. Antidepressants are rife with serious side effects. No wonder!.

How to Remove Fluoride from Water - An Easy Solution

Reverse osmosis systems are highly effective at removing fluoride and many other contaminants in water. A compact, under-the-counter model is designed to be economical, and will automatically provide enough safe, purified cooking and drinking water for a family, right in your home.

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