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Reverse Osmosis Filtration System For Clean Drinking Water At Home
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Reverse Osmosis Filtration System for Clean Drinking Water at Home

Nothing beats the convenience of owning your own under-the-counter reverse osmosis filtration system to provide your family with pollution-free drinking water. No other home water purification system will remove such a wide array of harmful contaminates.

A reverse osmosis filtration system tees into the cold water supply line leading to your kitchen sink, feeding the water filter system automatically. This eliminates the need to bother with manually filling pitcher-style countertop models. Pitcher style filters are designed to remove odors and polish the taste, and are not capable of filtering most pollutants from your water.

The most practical reverse osmosis systems for the home are the under-the-counter style. They’re designed to filter just the water that you will use for cooking and drinking. This set up is practical because it’ll only filter the water that your family is going to ingest, and not the water that your household needs for flushing toilets, washing clothes, or watering the lawn. An under-the-counter system keeps your precious counter space, free from clutter, unlike many other filter systems.

If you are concerned with the quality of your drinking water, whether it comes from your own private well, or from your local treatment plant, a reverse osmosis (RO) system will virtually eliminate many harmful substances, from germs to chemicals. It’s a proven technology that has helped countless families, including mine, to stay healthy by providing them with safe drinking water.

Like other systems, an RO water system needs regular filter changes. However, unlike most other water filter systems, it only needs filter changes every six months or so for a typical family of four. The pair of activated carbon filters in an RO filter system typically requires changing only once every six months, and the reverse osmosis filter itself, typically requires changing every three years.

A home under-the-counter reverse osmosis filtration system has a tank that collects and stores the purified water until it’s needed. It then dispenses it when you open the dedicated countertop tap near your sink, when it’s needed. These models usually have no problem keeping up with the cooking and drinking water demands of a family.

To make your system even more convenient you can easily tee into the tube leading from the storage tank, automatically sending purified water to your refrigerator and ice-maker.

If you want healthy, purified water for yourself and family, but you don’t want to be inconvenienced with an extra daily chore, consider looking into one of the many capable reverse osmosis filtration systems for your home. They are a great investment and will guarantee clean drinking water for you and your family.

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