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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems Use The Best Water Filters
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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems Use the Best Water Filters

Reverse Osmosis water filter systems include a combination of the best water filters available. Each filter specializes in removing certain contaminates. Any basic reverse osmosis system has a combination of at least two carbon filters, and a reverse osmosis (RO) filter membrane, which when used together are extremely effective in removing virtually all contaminates.

Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters are the most effective filters for removing contaminants like sediment and hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, Atazine (agricultural herbicide), Benzene ("fracking" carcinogen) and other petro-based solvents, Defoilants (plant growth inhibitors), Glycols ("fracking" toxins), Glyphosate (Round Up agricultural herbicide), toxic Dioxins, and many other toxic compounds. These filters are usually made of powdered block carbon or granular activated carbon.

The carbon that make up these filters are usually derived from charcoal. ‘Activated’ carbon means that it’s been processed to make it extremely porous so that it has a very large surface area available for adsorption and chemical reactions. Further chemical treatment enhances the adsorbing properties of the material. Carbon filters are excellent for removing bad tastes and odors from the water. Carbon filters are cost effective, but require frequent filter changes. Activated carbon filters are not very effective at removing heavy metals, however, the reverse osmosis filter is very effective at removing these contaminates, as well as a wide range of others.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The reverse osmosis water filter is the next step in purifying your drinking water. It involves forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane. Water molecules are forced through the reverse osmosis water filter, which has thousands of pores that are only large enough to allow water molecules through. The water then accumulates on the other side of the membrane, and is stored in a tank. The larger-sized contaminates cannot fit through these tiny pores, and are effectively eliminated from the drinking water. These impurities are then flushed down the drain within a water stream. The membrane filters out nitrates and nitrites, minerals and salts, heavy metals like iron, lead, mercury and others, bacteria, viruses, and cysts, the toxins arsenic, barium, fluoride and more, even radioactive contaminates like radium.

The filter arrangement on a reverse osmosis system places the first activated carbon pre-filter first in line to pre-clean the incoming water. The water then flows through the reverse osmosis water filter. The water is then stored in a tank. When someone opens the tap, the water runs through the activated carbon post-filter to further condition and ‘polish’ the water. The result is pure and healthy, clean tasting water!

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