Set Aside Your Garden Shed:
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Set Aside Your Garden Shed:

Garden shelters award many possibilities: wood, metal or plastic, traditional or up to date. From smooth shed to shelter or attic space, they mount in record time, and proper totally into the landscape.

1) Utilize of the shelter:

A garden shed confronts a specific demand. The select of model and size on the purpose for which it is intended. To help the acquisition, it is better to the right questions.

A shed for garden equipment?

A compass that offers tinkering, readjust seedlings?

A summer kitchen, a playroom for infants?

An annex for visiting friends?

A living space, all season?

Standard to be investigated:

Function, height, materials ... are all fact to be to tag a garden shed. Function: storage, conversion, Living

Ridge height: to travel at ease: 2.20 m mini

Material structure: constancy over time, finishing, preservation

Ground anchor and process of assembly

Category of roof and roofing

Presence or absence of a floor

Openings: doors, windows, glazing

Equipment benefits: shelves, tool racks ...

Satisfactory to recognize: the guarantees range from two to ten years trust on the material and design quality.

2) Determine a shelter - size, material, joinery:

A distance:

Garden shelters fall into several levels.

To organize supplies and garden equipment, bikes ... a field smaller than 6 meter squares is exemplary. To equip sheltered workshop, composed or settle a large storage space, between six and fourteen meter squares are considered.

A adaptable shelter, from fourteen m2, allows a very comfortable seasonal schedule. From twenty m2, shelter living spaces are full.

They hold a thick construction (up to 44 mm) and Home partitions The windows are double glazed for supreme - complacency

Material of the structure:

You have the elect of three materials: wood, metal and PVC.

Raw or autoclaved wood: spruce, fir ...

Painted wood: soft or warm colors (Mediterranean) .

Metal: galvanized steel / lacquered insensitive to corruption (but does not like the salt air) Or PVC resin: aesthetics (maisonette stage), defiant to all the latitudes, virtually Maintenance free. A water wash is adequate.


A shelter is primarily - established of a door and a window.

Swinging or sliding door, single or double (imperative for passing tractor, workshop machinery, bulky furniture ...)

Fixed or windows (hinged, tilting), acrylic glazing or glass (systematic for double glazing) Skylights (skylight)

3) Fixing and Keeping of a garden shed:

Mounting a shelter:

Metal roofing, PVC or resin are uninvolved and accelerated to fix (pre-assembled panels) Wooden shelters award two descriptions of structure: pre-assembled panels (easy to assemble) and boards or planks to follow suit (guaranteed resistance) With or without floor:


Again, three classifications of roofs are proposed.

1 pan: adossable shelter.

two or three sections: traditional.

Flat roof: up to date.

Guide and coverage:

The shelter roof can be established of:

panels chipboard or OSB waterproof enveloped with roofing felt (roofing) battens and cover shingle close look of slate or flat tile different panel thicknesses and battens.

Wooden shelter:

The wooden shelters require solid infrastructure: concrete slab, paving, concrete block ... depending on the size and weight of the structure.

Interposing a sealing film between the structure and the base of the shelter to restrain rising damp.

Metal shelter:

Shelters effectuated of metal or plastic may be enough already with an anchoring kit for stability. For lighter, there are storm kits that impede the lifting of the roof when the wind blows strong.

Drainage of rainwater:

An discharge of rainwater is suggested to defend wood run-off.

Preservation of shelter.

Conservation of raw wood.

Insecticide treatment / fungicide before convergence 1 or 2 coats of stain after convergence two coats of stain every 3 years.

Care of autoclaved wood.

Glaze every ten years.

Repairs of painted wood.

Daily washing, brushing with paint microporous 'exceptional wood'.

Repairs of metal, PVC resin Jetting water.

Implementation and administrative proceedings

Those are divers - standards to go after before planting your garden shed:

For areas less than twenty m²: uninvolved statement of work

A range equal to or greater than twenty m²: plea for building permits needed information in town hall.

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