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Submersible Sump Pump Review Of Features
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Submersible Sump Pump Review of Features

Are you wondering if your sump pump is equipped with the important features of a submersible sump pump? Are you thinking there may be some pump specifications you are unaware of and should have? To help you know what important features characterize submersible pumps, we are listing them for you.

Built to be submersed in water. Thermoplastic will not rust. Cast iron is coated to impede corrosion. Running the pump without water will damage the seals and shorten its life.

Run on AC (alternating current) thus its power is defined by horse power. The greater the horse power the greater its power.

Pump at various capacities. The more efficient the motor and the lower the lift, the more gallons pumped per minute.

Designed for continuous operation. Both water cooled and oil bathed motors can run continuously for hours without damage provided the water temperature does not exceed the rating listed.

Triggered to run by water level, water pressure or water presence. The tether and vertical float switch trigger the pump to run as water rises to a predetermined height. The diaphragm switch triggers the pump to run as the pressure of the water increases. The electronic controllers trigger the pump to operate when water is sensed. The switch is generally the first feature to fail – the float may get stuck or obstructed, the diaphragm may become clogged and the sensors may become desensitized by minerals in the water.

Constructed from various materials. Thermoplastic, cast iron or stainless steel are most commonly used for pump housing; however zinc alloy and bronze may also be used. Reinforced thermoplastic or cast iron is used most commonly for the volute. Glass reinforced plastic, plastic or cast iron is generally used for the impeller. Carbon/ceramic or carbon/ceramic/steel is generally used for the shaft seal. Plastic or glass reinforced with metal insert is generally used for the shaft.

Operate with different types of motors. The most common type is the shaded pole. Some use the permanent split capacitor which has the better starting torque and its efficiency is twice as much though it can become heated more quickly.

Prevent clogging. The non-clogging type can pass solids limited to the size defined in the specifications; however they can clog. The vortex impeller type will pass whatever flows through them though this type is not as efficient and can operate even if a portion of the vortex impeller is blocked.

Allow manual operation. Many submersible sump pumps are designed with a piggyback plug. During automatic operation, the motor cord is plugged into the piggyback plug and the piggyback plug is plugged into the electrical outlet. If the float switch should fail, the motor can be plugged directly into the electrical outlet and how often the pump runs is controlled by plugging and unplugging the motor cord from the electrical wall socket.

Submersible sump pumps have many features; however not all pumps have the same features. Therefore it is necessary to carefully review the sump pump features of interest.

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