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Sump Pump Review – A Look Inside The Pump Reveals Differences
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A look inside the sump pump reveals differences. A review the internal specifications is important because these differences impact the quality, durability, reliability, and efficiency of a pump. 

What differences are discovered by a sump pump review with a look inside?

  1. Cast iron housing may or may not mean a cast iron impeller. The natural tendency is to assume cast iron housing also means a cast iron impeller; however after reviewing over one-hundred-fifty sump pump specifications, I discovered that two-thirds of those with cast iron housing had a reinforced plastic impeller. A cast iron impeller will last longer especially if your pump works continuously for several hours during heavy rains.
  2. A higher horse power does not necessarily mean a higher pumping capacity. A few one half horse power pumps have the same pumping capacity as several three-quarter horse power pumps. The difference is due to pump efficiency. Greater pumping efficiency generally means longer longevity.
  3. Two one-half horse power pumps made by different manufacturers use different amps to run. One is more energy-efficient than the other. Energy efficiency decreases the charge on your electric bill.
  4. All pumps do not use the same lubricant. Some are oil filled and others water-cooled. Water is more environmentally friendly.
  5. Some pump shafts are constructed from stainless steel while others are composed of ceramic carbon.  Ceramic carbon is stronger and will withstand heavier usage.
  6. The cut-in and cut-out level varies. Some sump pumps cut in at thirteen inches and cut out at seven inches. Others cut in at seven inches and cut out at three inches. This difference is important if you live in a high water table area. The pump that cuts in at seven inches will be running much more than one cutting in at thirteen inches. The more the pump runs generally the sooner it will fail.
  7. The water temperature a sump pump can handle varies. Some can handle temperatures as low as thirty-two degrees. Others can handle temperatures as high as seventy degrees while other can handle temperatures up to one hundred twenty degrees.
  8. The material used for sealing the shaft is not the same for all pump manufacturers. Some use Buna N rubber and others use a Neoprene Hermetic seal.  The Neoprene Hermetic seal is stronger. 

You probably never thought a sump pump review with a look inside would show so many differences. Knowing manufacturing differences exist will help you look more carefully for your next pump. 

There are many external, visible specification differences as well. These differences also impact the quality, durability, reliability and efficiency of a sump pump. 

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