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My Sewing Kit
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Sewing is one of my passins. It gives me the opportunity to make something beautiful and useful for myself or someone I love. When I wear something I Sewed, people I know or strangers on the street compliment me and are always impressed when I tell them I Sewed it. There are a few tools that make it much easier and I could never do without.

For me the most important sewing tool I have is my tape measure. I make most of my own patterns using a measuring tape and, a permanent marker and some pattern paper. So I need it to measure the Sewing Patterns. I also use my tape measure to check the measurements of a big name Sewing Pattern. You can get a good tape measure at any fabric store for about $1. Buy a fabric one that is coated in plastic. These don’t stretch.

You will also need a straight edged metal ruler. This will help you cut straight edges and measure strips of fabric.

When checking and measuring the width of hems and seams, a seam gauge is made for the job. It is adjustable so you can make sure your seams or hems are perfect.

I have a pair of 9-inch Sewing Shears that have an angled blade and a straight blade. The angled blade makes the Shears great for cutting fabric on a flat surface because they don’t disturb the Fabric, making it easier to cut Fabric accurately.

5 inch Trimming Scissors make it easy to trim excess thread, trim corners, and make notches on curves. These scissors are small with two holes for your thumb and finger.

For marking Fabric I prefer Tailor’s Chalk because it will wash out of most fabrics. It comes in dark and light colors. Get one of both. Use light colored chalk on dark fabric. Use dark colored chalk on light fabric. There are a few different kinds of pins, and one kind of pin does not work for all fabrics. For silky fabric use silk pins because they won’t mar the fabric. For heavier fabric I prefer long pins with glass heads because you can iron over them without worry of melted plastic. When you buy pins with plastic heads you have to be very careful because the heads melt if they get too close to an iron.

You also need a pincushion so you have somewhere to put all your pins. You don’t want them scattered because you could poke yourself and that hurts. I like the classic tomato pincushion because it has a small strawberry that is useful for sharpening pins and needles when they get dull.

There are hand needles and Sewing machine needles. For both types of needles you need to pick the right needles for your fabric. For hand needles you want to pick the size of needle depending on the weight of the fabric, the heavier the fabric the heavier the needle. When buying hand needles I prefer the variety packs because it gives you options.

For machine needles, if you read the package it will tell you the needle type on the front middle area. I use universal sewing machine needles for most everything. However you don’t want to use universal needles on delicate or silky fabric. If you do then you risk snagging the fabric. For delicate fabrics use silky needles. To avoid rippling on knit fabric you should choose knit needles. For heavy fabrics such as denim choose denim needles. For leather, or synthetic leather, use leather needles. Also remember to avoid any mishaps always make sure your needles are kept sharp.

To make stitches you will need to have thread. Pick thread that is not as strong as your fabric. This may sound counter intuitive, but doing this ensures that if you split a seam the fabric won’t rip. The thread will break instead. This makes sewing repairs much easier. All Purpose thread works best most of the time. If you mess up your stitching than you will need a sharp seam ripper. If your seam ripper is not sharp it will be as easy to cut the stitches and you may end up cutting the fabric accidentally. An iron is also essential for pressing seams, making pleats, using fusible interfacing. If you use an iron for these purposes than your Sewing Details will have more professional result. For pressing you will need an ironing board to lay your project on as you press. For shaping curves you will need a tailor’s ham.

Make sure you have a pressing cloth to protect your fabric. You can end up discoloring, shrinking, or even burning your fabric without a pressing cloth. I use undyed muslin (dyes can bleed) Place the press cloth over the fabric, between the fabric and the iron and press.

With these tools your sewing should be much easier. Your Sewing projects will be quicker and. You will then be able to enjoy Sewing efficiently.

Street Talk

You certainly have covered all the important things. Your sewing essentials sound a lot like mine!

  about 1 decade ago
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