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A New Years Eve Poem - Starting As I Mean To Go On
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A New Years Eve Poem  -  Starting As I Mean To Go On

It’s new years eve as I write this and I’m starting to think of things I want to do differently. I mean if you want to have different experiences, then you gotta change something, it’s crazy to do the same action and expect a different result. For the first time, believe it or not I am actually going to a party for new years! It’s quite surprising that I’ve never done this before, but hey there’s a first time for everything. I’m really excited and in my anticipation I thought I’d write a new years eve poem about the night.

It’s quite early in the day and I’ve spent the night at studio, I was with one of my close friends and we recorded a track that was about our positive intentions for the coming year. It really inspired me and put me in the right frame of mind to make my dreams a reality.

So here it is my personal new years eve poetry that will motivate me into action when necessary, I hope it may inspire you also:

A new years eve poem – Starting As I Mean To Go On

As the end of the year draws near

I imagine

What is in store

I visualize

What I wish for

So that I can be sure

I’ll recognize the reality

As it does draw near

So I sit and I envision

Make the picture really clear

Imagining the me

I wish to be

And seeing through those eyes

And as I do

It does come true

And I do realize

That the mind

Is so powerful

And fertile

That’s for sure

So I’m conscious

Of the seeds I plant

Cos I desire to grow more

So my thoughts are

How I’ll spend the time

On new years eve

I’m going to a party

And this is a first me

While everybody’s drinking

I’ll be dancing away

I’ll be with the ones

I love

I’m looking forward to the day

Well it will be night

At the party

But we’ll be up

With the sun

My dad he is a DJ

And I know

It will be fun

A mix of different


Reggae, Soul, and Jazz

I hope that this

New years

Is one of the

Best I’ve had

I’m hoping that 2012

Is the best year for us all

Let’s forget the problems

Of yesteryear

And rise above them all

As your wishes come true

Please share your success

So at times

When some are feeling down

They will not forget

That anything is possible

Let’s do it

Yes we can

Let next year be the best year

Yes that is the plan

I hope you have enjoyed this original new years eve poem, I wrote it from my heart, so please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy New Year!!

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