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An Inspirational Poem - Fruitful Focus
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An Inspirational Poem  -  Fruitful Focus

As well as writing poetry for fun. I generally like to use poetry as a way of expressing a difficult idea in a simpler form. I like to write a lot of what I would call inspirational poems that are easy to read and digest.

If you are an aspiring writer yourself, there will be some useful links at the end of this article that will help you with you're writing endeavors. And if you landed here just to check out some good inspirational poetry then welcome and enjoy.

An Inspirational Poem- Fruitful Focus

In order to be fruitful

Focus on a task

If it feels to big

In its entirety

Tackle it in parts

Recognize how you work

And how much time it takes

And stick to a plan of


And see the progress you will make

For example my new website

A 50 hour job

I broke it down to 2 hours a day

And I do this part with love

Cos that means within a month

I can achieve my goal

But if I hadn't broken it down

I would have just lost control

And probably it would feel to much

And would never get done

And I know this pattern well

I'm sure you'll know someone

That started a new diet

Or signed up for the gym

They gave so much at first

And then they just give in

To the lazy mind

The part of us

That tells us

Not to evolve

Getting past our own egos

Is a problem we must solve

For the ego is a protector

And it wants to protect you

But the think about this protector

It doesn't like anything new

It likes to feel comfortable

Safe and real secure

You may have the greatest idea

The ego asks you - are you sure?

It's not necessary to change it

Just thank your ego

For its time

In order to conquer ego

We must

Reprogram the mind

And this is a process

That never grows old

And one can find mastery of the mind

When the thoughts are controlled

For thoughts prelude action

They really are the key

And when you discipline your mind

You then

Really are free

If true freedom is something

That you truly desire

Gain mastery of your self

Keep evolving higher

And along your way

Remember to teach, to love to share

And maybe in this lifetime

We'll see everybody there

Freely expressing

Their purpose and

Their gifts

If I had one way to change the world

I guess that would be my wish

I hope you enjoyed this inspirational poem. I love writing stuff like this and it took me less than 10 minutes to do this one. However I must say that being able to type at over 90wpm does help with that! If you've read some of my other articles here, then you know that I always say this, but I love a good comment, so don't be shy let me know what you think. The good, the bad and the ugly ;-)

Street Talk


I found this very touching and altogether true in some way. You were truly right about the part when you said that you will have to reprogram the mind. Anything is possible if you have the correct mindset. Thanks for sharing!

  about 1 decade ago
Ai Hoon  

I love poetry too and thought it would be great to write everything I want in poetry form. It certainly would be a good challenge,wouldn't it? Thanks for writing this charming piece and telling us how to be fruitfully focused so simply :)

  about 1 decade ago
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