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At Lake's End
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At Lake\'s End

The dark skin of the girl shone in the sun.

She used to think she was the lucky one.

Don't mind the dirty feet, her torn dress and short hair.

She now knows that life didn't treat her very fair.

The color of her skin was never the problem.

Luckily she grew up in a time when if there was a problem, she could solve 'em.

It was never enough to dream big in her world

Her father let her know that when she just a young girl

The world is not the place for her to be

She laughed to herself and thought "Wow, what would they say if they could see me?"

Lake was her name and she'd just lost her flame

Due to a man who played her like she was a game

Her eyes are now dull as she strolls down the pier

Tears rolled down her face both out of anger and fear

"If this is the way life will always be, I wish I was never the me I've come to be"

She tried hard to think of her favorite song, so maybe she could pretend she was happy all along

She kept her hopes high and so high that she choked

If they could see her now they'd cover her with a cloak

No one wants to see a beauty turn to a beast

This was the worst of the words that she'd received

It's no surprised she's gone for so long

Here she was believing she was so strong

Boy, was she wrong

She simply held it all inside

She did her very best to not show emotion and not cry

She'd cut her hair

She preferred her feet when they were bare

They told her to dress because she didn't wear makeup

Look at her now, painted like the arts

That didn't keep her world from falling apart.

Now she would show them rebellion and fear

Today was the day she'd shock them all here

Nearing the end of the pier, she sat to rest

"Truly this must be another great test

I've passed all of the others, and I did my best

but this has to stop because I need my rest."

After 5 minutes went the hour then two

She finally saw what it was she wanted to do

No more playing games in this place they called life

She was almost 29 now and she was still no one's wife

She closed her eyes and saw her existence ahead

She thought to herself "No! Get out of my head!"

She stood up and ran as fast as she could

She jumped into her new world and inhaled deeply as she smiled to herself

and let the water come in

"This is not life, it's a dream in a dream

and this is my story that has now come to an end"

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Very, very good job! I think you are a natural born writer. don't forget to skew your articles towards your websites. It takes a little time to get this right :)

  about 9 years ago

Thanks for the compliment and also for the tip. One reason I'm not really focusing on my sites are because I've signed up to do the 30 day challenge and I'm suffering from writers block lol.

  about 9 years ago
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