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Seeing In The Dark
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Seeing In The Dark

Suddenly the lights go out

I wonder what this is all about

Hopefully I won't be stuck here long

Or things could go quite wrong

Don't move, don't fall or I'm done

I've done this before and I still have the scars to prove it

This can't be something that happens to everyone

The people around me I can hear moving

They laugh and speak like nothing has happened

Fearing nothing even though I'm here feeling run down

I feel them brush past me and that's almost the end

I lost my balance but I caught it again

Things seem impossible when left in the dark

I have to work hard to be sure I don't fall apart

Who turned the lights out, I do not know

Perhaps it was me, the light within myself

I close my eyes and picture the moon

Round and creamy and in my mind I press zoom

I don't know what's going on in my head

Perhaps my bulb is just burnt, so I should change my mind

Where are they going? I do not know, I want to go with them because their sounds have a glow

Anything glowing means there must be a light

My eyes began to uncover the truth

There were no lights in this little dark room

Everyone had found the light within

Why and how I failed to realize this sooner

I guess it just comes from being a loner

The realization began to slowly sink in

All of a sudden I could see again

In reality we're all still in the dark

With our minds we can make a flashlight and see in this world

It feels great to see everything so bright

But just because I can see doesn't mean that it's a good light

There are still ways to stumble and fall

But now we can see how to brush ourselves off

Didn't occur to me that our lights are all different

Isn't it funny how easy I can see it?

Here in the dark

I cannot believe it

Don't focus so much on the light that you shine

Don't regret the past because there's no way to rewind

There's a reason to smile there's a reason to dance

Don't restrict movement by keeping your hands in your pockets

Walk, dance and go your way

If our lights are all different and have a different shine

Seeing in the dark is something we can all do

Despite being in the dark in the beginning

You have to close your eyes to really start seeing

Just give yourself a minute or to

Experience the power of your mind and what it can do

This is really an amazing find

To think all of your problems can be solved by your mind

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A lot of people prefer the talk, I take the light ;O) Very thought provoking God bless Kymee

  about 9 years ago

aww, thank you!

  about 9 years ago
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