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Writer's Block - 5 Step Exercise To Overcome
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Writer\'s Block   -   5 Step Exercise To Overcome

Writers block can be a perception of reality that we all believe at some time or another. More specifically I believed myself to have writers block for about six hours today. I had committed to writing an article and just could not come up with anything. So I thought I would share with the WA community what I found out.

This article is not business specific it’s only intent is to help in encouraging fellow WA members to not give up but give in. Surrender to the fight of “trying to write”.

I was really focused on writing for business today but just could not get the ball rolling. I searched on the internet for hours but still could not find any ideas. I stopped and had lunch. Came back at it and found writing exercises. This is the one that broke me out of my writer’s block. I hope it helps.

Below is the steps to the exercise.Take each instruction one at a time. Don’t look at the second step until the first one is finished. Before you start writing, think about a person that you have strong feelings for. Don’t worry if your answers seem unrelated, illogical responses can be more interesting.

  1. Describe that person’s hands.
  2. Describe what he or she is doing with his or her hands.
  3. Use a metaphor to say something about some exotic place.
  4. Ask this person a question involving step #2 and #3.
  5. This person looks up, and notice’s you there, and gives an answer that shows he or she only got part of what you were asking.

Writing exercises will help you be more creative and bring new ideas. Again, I just encourage all the great people in our community to not give into “the block” and keep on pushing through to better our content and further our business endeavors. Good luck and have fun with it.

Below is what I came up with after not being able to write for over six hours. It took me about 20 minutes to write this article once I finished the exercise.

Her hands are soft and small. She uses them well and has cared for all. Spotted from the sun and aged by the miles she’s traveled. Her hands are strong but gentle and fragile.

She is always using them to rub and comfort, to help and assist. Her hands are cleaning and sorting, shriveled and cramped. At night she washes her hands until they’re clean and alive. Her hands smell like flowers and herb soft again. Small and ready again.

As she moves close to me, I reach out for her hand and ask, "would you like to go to the island of the trees with me?" As she held on tight she smiled and looked me in the eye. We were finally leaving after so many years of weaving in and out of life"s winding roads. We had been together for so many years and shared our life with tears and happiness. Teaching each other along the way. We are still committed to this day. Together as we go, to the island of the trees.

As we talked on our way to the island of the trees, I asked her if she will be using her hands the same way she did for all those years past? With no regret she said “I will do what it takes to make things last.” She would give with her heart and work with her hands.

After she smiled, then disagreed. She asked if we were going to be working hard like we used to. I assured her that where we are going we will still have fun, but that our work together has just begun. She felt the warmth from my breath as I kissed her lips. And in an instant she was at peace. “Together we are and together we will go” she said. And I agreed.

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