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A Life Worth Living Every Day; The Possibilityof Saying Yes
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A Life Worth Living Every Day; The Possibilityof Saying Yes

We probably spend most our lives having no said to us, and said by us, as opposed to hearing or saying the word yes. Why is this? Why is no in the dominant position?

Is it because No keeps us safer; more secure? Is it because it allows more progress in the long run? Or is it simply the easier word to say; the one which slips off the tongue just as yes sticks on the tongue?

I seem to recall John Lennon saying that he knew Yoko Ono was the one he was waiting for when after climbing a ladder to see what was written in small letters on a high, white ceiling, it turned out to be one word; YES. That was it. It changed his life.

Clearly then, the word yes can have a profound effect. And perhaps that is its reason for being said less often. Perhaps the consequences are simply more profound when yes is said rather than no. A short meditation upon a marriage proposal soon supports an argument for the profundity of saying yes. It can absorb a million possibilities into a few probabilities. It is no small matter to say yes when someone asks you to marry them. It is a profound answer.

Still, why does no hold the trophy for most utterances? I posit that it is because our primary reaction in life is one of fearful avoidance. When met with a proposal or proposition we cannot fully explore or understand, we simply say NO. And perhaps this is wise. Perhaps a reactive no is far safer than a yes. It might deprive us of wonderful experiences but it lets us keep our millions of potentials.

It seems to me therefore that we say and hear NO more than Yes because we prefer our potential experiences to our probable (less extraordinary) experiences. Who wants to marry the boy or girl they work with, or flirt with daily, when George Clooney or Angelina Jolie might, just might end up seeing us and being enraptured by us? There are some who do this; not all teenagers at that.

The sadness in all of this is that as time goes by, to steal a phrase, it is the fundamental things that apply. It is our daily works and flirts that hold our true opportunities to say yes. They are our probabilities that require only a yes instead of those fearful avoidance-filled No’s.

Even more heartbreaking is that as time goes by and potential fades and probability diminishes; many of us make choices of desperation – like lost souls as the last dance in a night club arrives; we say yes having realised all our no’s have left us little choice. We choose not what we would wish for or find happiness with, but simply what is left.

Don’t get me wrong, for many of us our greatest potential lies beyond that desperate, painful choice – however for most of us, it lies in saying yes to the ordinary opportunities of life.

If we are not enchanted by the ordinary, then the only extraordinary thing we have might be our saddened realisation of lost potential and even more lost probability.

So as 2012 creeps beyond its infancy – don’t be so quick to let No dominate your everyday life. One carefully chosen Yes could turn it into a life worth living every day.

Street Talk

David, That is exactly my point when on my Part II, violence and law enforcement, etc. To improve life for humanity and I hope you would say yes, let us all work together to educate humanity and the leaders in the government. Regards, daniel

  about 1 decade ago
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