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A Long Way To Go: Walking Lifes Wire
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What does it matter if the solution to a particular problem is out with the norms of convention? Are not all who suffer from a problem just as deserving of a solution? This is a highly relevant question in a world in debate with itself about conventionality, normality, justice, equality etc. Conventionality and normality are arguably the enemies of justice and equality. The former undermines the latter by seeking a singular law system whilst the latter, I suggest, seeks balance, and balance is not always attained by taking one position. The walker on the tightrope is rarely static. I suggest an approach towards solution seeking that is based on the principle of the solution that balances; worldly. Of course in a world in which there is great imbalance we would have to consider other suggestions or else we would likely move away from the balancing status and become a falling tight-rope walker. However, as we like debating, communication mediums are well established, therefore we already have a platform for considering other viewpoints, which is useful.

A posited viewpoint for consideration from me would be the viewpoint of The Balanced Eye. From that perspective we could ask questions such as; from the perspective of an already balanced viewpoint; are we balanced or are we swaying side to side, causing the wire beneath our feet to move as well? – remember when both wire and wirewalker are in motion things can get hairy; unjust and unequal.

The underlying driver for this article is a curiosity about why we as a species seem to sway side to side more than we walk forward across the wire? It might be better to ask the question; why does the solution to a particular problem that is out with the norms of convention cause conventional people to act so abnormally?  I think this question might be approaching an assertion; which is that there is a reason why unconventional solutions provoke unconventional reactions. But I suspect there is a more serious question to be answered. Why we are not openly aware of the reason why there is a reason for unconventional solutions provoking unconventional reactions?

Is there a social contract to quell the unconventional solution? Are we as a society more protective of convention than balance? Are we deceiving ourselves or others into believing unconventional is unjust?

If we want to answer these questions we have to be willing to seek and allow for the unconventional solution. It might well be better than the conventional solution is for the conventional problem, yet without willingness to seek and allow, justice and equality are likely to remain as a tightrope walker on a shaky wire.

This writing business is my willingness to seek and allow. I am a little less convention-enthralled as I once was. Still, I have a long way to go. But don’t we all?  

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