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Above Politics

What or who is above politics. There is huge debate over what is going on in politics lately, more so now than in recent years because we are starting to see how things really work.

We the public have been brainwashed and have not had any decent news in the last few years that has really been any good.

The large corporations are to blame for this. We as people really have no idea what is going on. Secret talks behind closed doors are what are really happening. We have become puppets to the media and the laws we are supposed uphold.

Things we are told by the media are not as they seem. What the media tells us about anything is just what they want us to hear. Why do we watch the news? We watch the news so that we can as individuals see something that is not related to us so our problems seem so much less than they really are.

The truth of the matter is, if the media has to lie to us about such things as the war on terror or the latest shooting in a school. It really does affect us. And it is closer to home than we think.

The money system in America and worldwide is a corrupt institution in itself. We all hear about the economy and how things are so tough. Well I have some news for you. We as a society are led by the media and large corporations that we need certain things to be happy.

A study was done on that very thing. A slide was shown to a group of people. On the one side, the slide showed a person holding a cheque from a lottery winning of like 135 million dollars. The other half was a person in a wheelchair.

The group was asked what would make them happier. Winning the lottery or being a paraplegic? Well you guessed it. When it came to the immediate happiness the lottery winner was picked hands down.

However, after one year the result was. They both achieved about the same amount of happiness.

How is this possible? Having stuff is not what makes people happy. It’s about how you feel about what you’re doing that ultimately makes you happy. Whatever happened to the struggle of life?

When we struggle for something the reward is so much greater. Think of the person in the wheelchair. When they wake in the morning they have to really make an effort to just get mobile. Something we take for granted every day.

What is happening to us? We are getting too absorbed in what we think we want and depriving ourselves of what we really want. What do we want compared to what we need? That’s the fundamental question.

I challenge every one for one day. To put down their cell phones, iPods, ipads, and any other piece of technology they may have to communicate with.

Keep the computers and laptops but don’t use Skype or msn or any other of the social media stuff including face book. lets see just how much less of a society we have become by not communicating to one another.

Technology kills us socially and we need to cut back I think. We have over grown our own capabilities. And why? So we can be less social with the people closest to us.

We have and are slowly falling into the trap of major corporations leading us into believing we need more that what we do.

Everything from food to what we buy the nephews and nieces for Christmas. I was more than happy with a pong game and probably happier with a ping pong table.

I do have to admit though; some of the games you can get now are really out of this world as far as graphic capabilities.

At least with a ping pong table we could have friends over and have some really good and healthy competition. The kind of healthy competition that would make us stronger as friends and allies is what we really need.

Now let’s talk about drugs. And the media hype about them. In the past few years we have had some really good breakthroughs in drugs. However we are trained now that we need them to survive.

Well nothing is further than the truth. There are medications you do need to take for some things but it’s my biggest recommendation to start questioning some of the toxins we are putting in our bodies

The side effects are horrendous and really, who benefits from you using the drugs? The corporations who own the drug companies, that’s who. Sure we all want to be healthy and happy but we are intelligent people who have gotten sucked up into this corporate scam of needing things we don’t.

Who feeds us this stuff? The media who is you guessed it owned by the corporations that want your hard earned money.

You can ask any economist where money comes from. And they will not be able to answer. Why is this?

We need to be asking more questions about what we are fed in the media and by society as a whole.

Next time you’re going shopping for the next Gucci watch or the next pair of one hundred dollar jeans we should ask ourselves. Do I really need this?

We look at the things we do in our lives as things out of our control. Well what we need to do is look in the mirror and say why the economy is so bad. Look around at how much money we are borrowing that we cannot pay back.

The economy is in our wallets in the form of credit cards. Mortgages we owe to the banks. All borrowed money in the world comes at a price. And we all pay for it through this daily struggle.

What we should do is struggle to live with less rather than struggle to have more. Life is so much easier and less stressful if we start using things we have. Instead of using things we don’t really need.

I have been studying and following what the big banks and how corporations work. I know who is behind it and how they are doing it.

We need to stop them in their tracks. These people are above government and above the law. We need to break some of the rules they are setting out for us or they will have total control over all of us. Just as they do the government.

We have no freedom.

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