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Impact Of Obamacare On America
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Obamacare's impact on America isn't quite complete. Not all of the rules and regulations have been put in place yet due to the timelines involved. Obamacare will be argued for years to come. Whether or not Obamacare will be ruled as unconstitutional is still to be seen.

The idea of dependence on the government for everyone really began way back in 1935 when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into existence the Social Security Administration. The first layer of socialist thinking and government was in place. President Bill Clinton even used the exact same pen that Roosevelt used when signing the improvement act to the Social Security Independence and Program Improvements in 1994. Instead of the families of the disabled and aged taking care of their needs, the government will.

Nowadays the social ideas of socialized medicine are taking hold with Obamacare. So far the impact of Obamacare on America has been minimal at best. Without health insurance, people can show up at the Emergency Department of hospitals and receive emergency care. This has been possible for over 50 years now. Special laws have been put in place so that people are not turned away that don't have health insurance or sent to other hospitals if they don't have healthcare. The same is not true of elective hospitalizations, procedures, or physician offices. Private physicians can turn away anyone for payment, emergency rooms cannot.

Right now, the Impact of Obamacare on America is mostly concerning insurance companies and people that have lost their insurance due to job loss. Insurance companies can still deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. This is usually true for those that are not insured through their employer. The insurance companies have a ranking or point system they use when considering whether or not to insure someone. For instance, if you have a history of heart palpitations during the past five years, they may give you a point score of say 122. Their cap in points for insurability may be only 110. That would mean that you are denied potential health insurance. The person that applied for private insurance may become uninsured or underinsured through an indemnity plan. Indemnity plans differ, but in general, they pay a certain amount per day or procedure and are limited in what they cover.

After six months of uninsurability, the private individual can apply for Obamacare insurance. This is where the present impact of Obamacare on America shows itself. I don't know if you have investigated it yet, but the premiums are way too high for the average middle class person and family. If you have lost your job and need health insurance, you could use up all of your savings paying for Obamacare and then be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is also a social insurance that is government funded. With Medicaid, your eligibility is based on assets and even your vehicle. If your automobile is less than five years old, you are automatically ineligible for Medicaid. And, if you own your home, your principal (regardless of the present value), will be included in determining your eligibility.

The impact of Obamacare on America right now is pretty minimal; however, the impact of Obamacare on America will become greater as time moves forward. Obamacare right now appears to be self-funded in many ways. As more and more people become dependent on governmental health insurance, it is sure to change. Upon reading the entire text of Obamacare and the implementation, there are layers and layers of government involved. As it is revised and edited, the impact of Obamacare on America will be greater and the costs much higher to the small private employer and citizens as our taxes are increased to pay for the program. Time will tell the direction that our country will move to in this long debate of mandatory healthcare for all.

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