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Isolated And Armed: A Signal To Get Curious?
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Isolated And Armed: A Signal to Get Curious?

Politics is essential wherever people wish to live together, and as a general rule we do wish to live together. This is because we generally perceive the folly of being out on our own. Some of us however opt to live in isolation and are entitled to provide for and defend ourselves. But when if ever ought the Politics of those living together be concerned with those who wish to live in isolation?

I suggest it is when those who live in isolation are not only able to provide for and defend themselves, but are also able to endanger those who wish to live together.

Of those who do wish to live in isolation, few are of any significant danger, although many a movie will convince us that to come across a loner is probably the beginning of a nightmare. But alongside those loners, be they individuals or isolationist nations, there are those whose choice to part company with the common huddle is influenced by a desire to stand against it as well. That is; they are threats to us rather than just solitary agents.

The solitary agent is entitled to provide for its self and perhaps have an appropriate form of defence. But when the solitary agent has sophisticated weaponry then it is likely we are seeing an individual or isolationist nation that is not just apart from, but a threat to, the common huddle.

That is why solitary individuals or nations who stand alone and have significant weaponry ought in general to be something we monitor; but not completely forbid. There is no humanity in removing defences, but sophisticated offensive weaponry is quite another matter.

This does all of course read as a discourse on when to intervene with a lone-gunman or rogue nation; of which there are few. But it is intended rather to suggest that where there individuals or nations who are significantly armed and seeking isolationist status, the common huddle ought to be concerned. It is a bit late to question the wisdom of allowing isolation and sophisticated weaponry to be in close proximity when the general public is being fired at. Is it not wiser to attend to threat rather than attack?

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that I am advocating prevention of attack rather than panicked reaction to it, but I will stress that I am not advocating suppression of an individual’s safety. An individual ought to always be allowed to live alone and defend themselves. But where significant capacity exists for that loner to harm many; the common huddle is justified in showing interest. Even a parent seeing their child moving away from the crowd with a sharp knife would likely intervene.

I guess what I am really saying is that I get tired of hearing about usually young isolated men or usually young isolated nations amassing sophisticated weaponry and harming the general population when the general population never made the choice for them to be isolated. It almost seems as if the choice to live alone is a signal of potential threat, even if not actual threat.

Living alone in an environment stocked with weapons however, most certainly is. That is why I posit that the Politics of those living together ought to be concerned with those who wish to live in isolation when those who live in isolation are not only able to provide for and defend themselves, but are also able to endanger those who wish to live together.

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