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Knots Of Trustlessness; A Suggestion For Authority
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Knots Of Trustlessness; A Suggestion for Authority

Trusting another can be hard enough. Trusting another who has let us down, or who strikes us as being similar to someone who has let us down, is a challenge many of us cannot bring ourselves to undertake. Yet without the ability to trust we are merely distrustful souls. And that is a heavy soul type to be.

For myself, I began to distrust a long time ago. I came to believe that those we are conventionally meant to trust are often the least trustful of all. Authority, for want of a better umbrella term, is frequently the group of agents that lets us down most. Our parents, teachers, leaders, lawmakers, guardians and warriors often betray with us deception, lies, coercion etc and then ask us to trust them. This is like asking the wounded assistant to trust her fallible knife-throwing master. The trust, if it was ever there, has now become an anxious-compliance.

I feel an ache for those who are merely anxiety-based compliers. They are aware of their needs and understand that needs often require Authority to meet them. Yet they live a perpetually energy draining existing and end up using all sorts of ‘crutches’; chemical, psychological and emotional. They become torn and worn.  And I understand that.

The truly heart-breaking thing is that there are those who have moved beyond this torn and worn condition. They now live lives that have frays and threads, yet have become essentially trustworthy; like old sweaters that we throw on when those vulnerable days arise. The heart-break is that they are often distrusted through habit rather than actual lack of trustworthiness. Their only crime is to perhaps resemble one who has previously broken a trust; the trust-breaker breaks trust; full stop. To lose trust is a terrible thing. Taken to its extreme; the loss of trust in Authority can mutate into a trustless existence on all levels. Even the reflections in the mirrors can become questionable and the very ground upon which we walk can feel insecure and loose. Authority on all levels can become the harpy rather than the hero.

We would do well to investigate the possibility that the extremely distrustful authorotee might once have been an anxiety-based complier, and that that anxiety came from the betrayal, via deception, lies, coercion etc of parents, teachers, leaders, lawmakers, guardians and warriors.

This is not to say that all Authority betrays; yet the use of deception, lies, coercion etc, even if well intended, is rarely welcomed. Once the most loyal subject is betrayed, pollution of trust occurs; never to be fully purified. Even if ‘made clean’ like re-cycled drinking water; those who re-engage with trust often do so fully aware that this time; the trust is re-cycled. It is not quite authentic.

In my experience the parent, teacher, leader, lawmaker, guardian and warrior who admits fallibility is far more appealing to their subjects if they are honest. To hear authority admit lack of wisdom, lack of knowledge, lack of strength is surprisingly trust engendering. Even the gullible often sense that the promotion of wisdom, knowledge and strength is an act of dishonesty. All are flawed.

There is an Arabic saying about trusting god; but tying up your camel. If Our Authority wishes to be trusted; it requires seeking how it can genuinely help bring its willing subjects to a point where they might still tie up their camels; but not with knots of trustlessness.  

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