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Obama Won - What Now?
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Obama Won  -  What Now?

So the results are in. President Obama has been given 4 more years. While half the nation celebrates and half the nation mourns, everybody is wondering, what will happen next? Will it be four more years of the same, or will Obama pull out the stops or try to change direction?

Typically, the first term of any Presidential career has one eye on re-election, it is all about trying to keep promises, trying not to be too controversial, and trying to please everybody. The second term, being guaranteed four more years with no worries about future elections, allows the President more freedom, more ability to reform, something that Obama has always wanted to do.

The second term is about building a legacy, and I think the President will really go to work with the values he believes in now, he will try to push forward the bills that he believes strongly in and will not necessarily worry about the opinions of the public - something that many have already accused him of during the first term.

There is one thing that will offer some restraint to Obama and that is a Republican control over the House. The Democrats may have won the Senate, but the House of Representatives is still a Republican majority and will offer some difficulties for the President. Not since Clinton has a president managed to achieve success in passing legislature without enjoying a majority in both houses.

Many now fear that there will be four more years of economic strife, while others believe Obama has managed the previous four years well. Whatever your belief is, it is most likely a time of uncertainty for all. Afterall, the euphoria experiences nationwide when Obama first won back in 2008 was short lived, only one year later in 2009 Obama's approval ratings were very low. In his defense, he inherited the White House at a time of global economic downturn, in his opponents defense, 4 years is a long time to not fix that.

We can expect government to become bigger, healthcare reforms to continue, more social reforms to take place, and continuing attempts to stimulate the economy while benefiting the middle classes. Obama arguably won this election by recognizing that the middle classes were going to be the most influential voters, and he went after them, while Romney largely ignored them.

Whatever fears you have, it might be time to work hard on your own economic situation, without relying on the government to do this for you. Many people believe that whether it was Obama or Romney who won, the economy would not have been affected much either way, so there is a growing consensus that people should learn to increase their wealth by themselves, and I for one agree.

I only hope that the Global economy stabilizes over the next few years, and that America grows as a nation once more, bringing the rest of the world with it.

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Nice angle!

  about 9 years ago

Great spin on a political theme, my friend.

  about 9 years ago

great job

  about 9 years ago

Now, that's doing it right, Dom! Good show.

  about 9 years ago
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