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Politics Is Not Facilitated Fear; One For Halloween
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Politics is Not Facilitated Fear; One for Halloween

At the moment; Fear seems to be our Universal Parliament. It is we who need alter this from within our own minds; so that Politics can be re-instated along with Philosophy and Religion to their true place in society.

Politics, Philosophy and Religion are merely the tools of human flourishing and a bad work-man always blames his tools. It is time I suggest to expose these bad workmen for what they are; fear-filled and filling fellows.

Sadly, we seem to be in a situation where Politicians are unwelcome; Party Crashers as opposed to Invited Guests. This is of concern to me; because Politicians are I suggest always welcome. That they are currently so unwelcome suggests something in society’s psyche that brings this about.

A Politician is ideally someone who concentrates their efforts on alleviating distress and delusion within society at the same time; therefore it is arguable that a politician, who does not concentrate their efforts on simultaneously alleviating distress and delusion within society, is not an ideal Politician. They are arguably facilitators of distress and/or delusion within society; Fearful Delusion Facilitators in other words.

If we understand fear to be that feeling of distress associated with actual danger; that is an event or process which really does exist and for which there is factual evidence, then the best way to address fear is to deal with the actual danger.

If part of the Politician’s remit is to aid us in addressing such fact corroborated danger, then their efforts to positively deal with that danger would presumably be welcome. If however there are cases where fear is associated with in-actual danger; that is an event or process for which there is no factual evidence, then the best way to address fear is to deal with the in-actual danger, and again, if part of the Politician’s remit is to aid us in addressing such factually un-corroborated danger then their efforts to positively deal with it would also presumably be welcome.

This can all be boiled down to saying that if it is part of a Politician’s remit to address actual and in-actual danger so as too positively deal with fear’s distressing effects, then the Politician’s aid is welcome...

..However, if a Politician’s remit is to address actual and in-actual danger so as to negatively deal with fear’s distressing effects, then the Politician’s aid is unwelcome. In fact it is arguably not the aid of a Politician at all, but a Fearful Delusion Facilitator.

This allows us to posit that there is a discernible difference between Politics and Fear Facilitation. They are not compatible and it is unfair to tar a Politician as a Fear Facilitator. Better we seek to distinguish those who seek to rule by fear and those who wish to serve to alleviate distress and delusion; True Polticians.

I won’t expand herein on this possibly naive premise that distress via fear is essentially an indicator of what Politics is and what it is not, however I will suggest something that seems clear:

If Politicians and Politics are to be welcome guests in society then their efforts ought to concentrate on the dilution of actual danger and dilution of in-actual danger. That is they would benefit from alleviating distress and delusion at the same time.If they do not do so, it is possible that they will become categorised as something other than Politicians.

Sadly, it seems as if we as a society are currently taking the view that Fearful Delusion Facilitators and Politicians are one and the same. I put it to you that they are not. I put it to you that if we do not seek to rescue Politics from Facilitated Fear, Politics will become another long-defunct human asset; as seems to have happened with Hhilosophy and Religion.

Soon after opening, I stated that Politics, Philosophy and Religion are merely the tools of human flourishing and a bad work-man always blames his tools. It is time to address these people of bad workmanship and since it is we who seem to be blaming politics for our predicament it is we who require enhancing our working skills; specifically the skill of telling the difference between Politicians and Fearful Delusion Facilitators.

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