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Polls Show: Trump’s A Chump, Should Not Stump
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Should Donald Trump actually make a serious bid for the Republican Presidential nomination, or not? Trump will make his announcement sometime in June, however, according to the most recent poll numbers, he won’t be taken seriously, even among those in his own party. The CNN/Opinion Research poll showed that while many people did agree that the billionaire did have intelligence and toughness, he didn’t have any real discernible skills that would make him effective leader for the United States nor was he seen as someone who was in touch with the American people or shared their values.

Even among the business oriented Republicans, Trump is not seen as a viable candidate with over half feeling that he does not have the right qualities to make him someone they would want to back and six of every ten Republicans having “unfavorable” feelings toward him. Only half of the respondents in the CNN poll found Trump likeable at all and the numbers declined steadily from that point, with only 27% of those surveyed feeling that he had the right experience to be the President.

Trump hurt public opinion of himself with his dogged dedication to the Birther movement, demanding President Obama’s long form birth certificate. After that document was finally released, Trump took to the airwaves with what was described as the most egotistical, self serving speech in recent memory. Critics were quick to point out that it was nothing out of the ordinary for a man who has been brash and boisterous in all of his public dealings.

Those critics, including the group, ColorofChange, have suggested that Trump’s constant pressure on the President was more than just politically motivated, pointing out that no matter what Obama does now, it won’t be enough to silence the criticism of Donald Trump and his ever dwindling circle of supporters. The feelings of both ColorofChange and a growing list of celebrities reflect the belief that Trump is acting out of racism and nothing more. ColorofChange has called for the African American community at large as well as the current African American celebrities on Trump’s show, Celebrity Apprentice to denounce his actions and to call him to task for his recent behavior.

Trump’s decreasing popularity and increasing ego are starting to cost him appearances, and have drawn him into a war of words with a number of different celebrities so far, including Robert DeNiro and Jerry Seinfeld, as well as others who have taken to their Twitter accounts to vilify Trump. Slated to drive the pace car at the Indy 500, that appearance has been cancelled after some 18,000 Facebook users banded together in a group they called “We don’t want Donald Trump to drive the pace car.” After being called out publicly by late night host, David Letterman, Trump fired off an angry letter to studio execs and then pulled out of his May 18th appearance on that show.

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I truly enjoyed reading your article, politics really makes me mad because I just don't trust the system but what can we do there bigger then us. You have a nice writing style.

  about 9 years ago
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