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Republican Democrat Differences
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Republican Democrat Differences

When I was a boy my father was the president of the Utah based Democratic Sage Brush Club. Every year there was the annual picnic at one of the Utah resorts or parks. I can remember sitting at the picnic tables eating lunch. There was food of all kinds, chicken, potato salad, watermelon, the usual stuff. As I set there with my family the members would keep sharing their food with us. "How about a nice piece of peach pie, John?" To me it seemed like everyone was sharing with everyone else. I realize in my old age that my father had helped some of these people find work and that he was respected by that community and that perhaps we were getting a little special attention.

When I was teaching engineering at Iowa State University, my friend and co-author on scientific papers was very active in the Republican Party. He eventually left the University to work for the State of Iowa. Anyway, he invited my wife and I to a Republican dinner. We were staying out of politics. My father became disillusioned with the Democratic Party and he was very much about against the Kennedy's because of their campaign tactics against Lyndon Johnson whom I presume my father admired. He continued to run for public office for many years as an Independent. Because both the Democrats and Republicans supported him, it cost him very little to run for reelection.

We went to the Republican Dinner in Nevada (pronounced in Iowa as ne-vey-da. Madrid is may-drid.) The tables were nicely set with linen and by each place setting there was a piece of pie. The first thing I noticed was that the guest pulled five or six pieces of pie toward themselves. This gave them a selection to choose from. However, I interpreted it as characteristic of Republicans just as sharing with everyone in sight was characteristic of Democrats. I then knew the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Each Democrat wants everybody to have a piece of the pie. Each Republican wants the whole pie for him-or herself. Are these really Republican Democrat differences? Close! Democrats and Republicans are a world apart.

Both political parties have many wealthy people as members, but the Republicans have a larger portion of that pie. If we look at the Congress, it is full of millionaires who are ruining, I mean running, our country. Each party wants complete unrelenting control of the country. If they had their way, only one party would ever be able to control the presidency. It would be a one-party government. That is going on right now according to some who have left Congress who say that there is only one Republican agenda and that is to defame the President to make sure that he is not reelected. Senator Bennett who was ousted by the Tea Party said that he was glad to be away from it.

Now if the Republicans controlled the Presidency, then the Democrats would be doing the same thing but not so efficiently.

Recently at a Republican rally in Nevada it was said that only the Republican Party could restore economic stability to the country. Well we all know how well they can destroy the economic stability. They are the ones who put us into this mess and polls show that about 95 percent of the people know this. If they are so sure about being able to do this, why aren't they doing it? They control the House. They do have a theme. It is to cut spending. They have another theme, to make the permanent tax breaks given to the wealthy during the last Bush Administration. The Democrats say that we need to cut spending but we also need to increase revenue and that the wealthy should pay for it.

The Republicans say that if more revenue were received into the Governmental coffers, the Democrats would just spend it on their social programs, that it would not reduce the deficit. They also say the rich are taxed enough. The Republicans are probably right on both points but their failure to show any creativity or workable solutions prove my point. They don't know what they are doing.

As for the Obama Administration, it was misguided from the start. Pouring money into Obama-care was not the thing to do. The thing to do was to stop the drain of money from the government and to focus on the problem of restoring the thousands of jobs shipped out of our country. Saying that those jobs are lost for ever is so much baloney. They can be restored if we decide to protect essential industries in the United States. A dispute with China could cut off about everything we want and need and we would have no way to produce them. That is, we have no way to produce them.

Republican Democrat differences proves that our two-party system is a failure because that is exactly what politicians want. Yes, they harp in Congress about our wonderful two-party system and about how much they love each other, Democrats and Republicans. But it is all so much bull. All political systems tend to lead to dictatorships where single-sided solutions bring the country to its knees. The Communist always claim they are democratic with political power remaining with the people. Actually, the opposite is true. The political power is taken away from the people.

Finishing my harangue, the harangues of an old man, our country is a Republic. That means we give control of our country to politicians. That is why true statesmen are as rare as hen's teeth in our Congress. We must get control of our representatives. The Tea Party is doing this, but it is just the ultra right-wing of the Republican Party and Republican politicians are terrified by that party. But still, they have the right idea. If the politicians are betraying our trust, they need to be dumped quickly and efficiently.

And while we are dumping politicians, let's dump a bunch of attorneys. We have way too many in politics and they are always of one unchanging mind. They seldom if ever compromise.

Is the Government going to take a dive because of the current debt ceiling dispute? No, it is just politics as usual. Meanwhile, many Americans are trying to find some way to make a living. Taking two or three part-time jobs is not the answer. Some are starting their own businesses. That is what adds jobs to our economy.

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