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Teddy Bear Governors; The Danger Of Delusion In Power
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Teddy Bear Governors; The Danger Of Delusion In Power

Whatever the contemporary situation is, it cannot be any other way at that moment. The situation is merely the product of the interplay of universal ingredients. The situation in other words is the only cake that can be baked in the circumstances. It is not an accident, a mistake or a fluke. It is what it can only be. And sometimes, what it is, stings like hell.

This stinging is the dissatisfaction, the itch that proves we have within us a resistance to reality as it is. There is something within us which seeks delusion over description; dream over fixed distinction. It is the driver for an evolution in our physical, mental and spiritual well-being; the posited subject for all political systems. However, it is also the seed of fantasy, and since that fantasising is one of universal ingredients that form the contemporary situation, we must, if we wish to bring about an evolved reality rather than an indistinct fantasy; attend to our fantasising.

Fantasy can be fun, of course it can. Yet when the boundaries between fantasy and fact become as indistinct as to be untenable, then dreams become living nightmares. Delusion becomes powerful and it is but a heartbeat between government by fiction and government by fact.

For those of us who govern; and this is practically all of us since even toddlers govern teddy bears, it is imperative that our dreams and delusions are discernible from the actual situation. It has long been agreed that even the most logical mind occasionally hiccups in the journey of life, and this is fine. To dream is not a crime and it ought never to become so. Yet to facilitate delusion’s rise to the throne of power is criminal if ever anything was. We do not wish computers and calculators to govern us; however neither do we wish madmen and constructors of nightmare states.

Between the two lie alternatives; each alternative a recipe for the construction of an outcome. It might not be possible to fully identify the outcome before it transpires - Such skill is the questionable property of questionable minds. However a bridle upon fantasy allows the increased probability of a dream realised rather than a reality made nightmare.

Whatever the contemporary situation is, it cannot be any other way at that moment. It is what it can only be. And sometimes, it stings like hell. And in the final analysis, that stinging might be the voice that is calling to us; asking us to govern in such a way as to ensure that thrones are never sat upon by delusionist.

Better the Child governing teddy bears than the fantasist governing people.

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