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The Ticks Of Politics
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Our political arena could benefit with a massive research into finding a way to control its recent influx of tics. Two namely tics are; poli-tics and luni-tics, they're destroying our government and its professional operation that we used to be accustomed to.

Some might blame this awful epidemic of tics on a newly evolved tea party. The blame goes much farther than that. The rebelliousness has far deeper seeds than any "party" has created.

From the onset of our Nation's first elected African/American President, a deep rooted fear of losing identity in the "good ole boy" network of government, has spurred a fighting instinct.

The poli-tics are getting out of control and becoming trivial with childlike verbiage running amuck with many in the GOP. Foreign nations laugh at our lack of professionalism in candidates running for our nation's highest office.

A Texas candidate blames our looming deficit on a "black cloud hanging over Washington" and he wants all voters to know his inference was not directed at our President; it represents our deficit. This candidate could sell you some ocean front property in Texas, if you fall for his explanation. He also called the acts of the head of our Federal Reserve, as treason. He's a good looking man though, so many just laugh it off. The GOP knows America forgives ignorance if the fore bearer is nice looking; they have a proven track record of it occurring.

The tea party didn't organize to "stop spending and balance the budget", but now it is getting credited with this as "its" top priority. Their early rallies were filled with supporters who; collected unemployment benefits; Social Security Disability; Welfare; and, a few hard working people. These people jumped on board as they were flattered that they had an opportunity to speak out. Against what or for whom was evident in their candidness at GOP town hall meetings. Their emergence came about after big business realized who the Democratic Presidential Candidate was.

All the while they rallied, no "news" agency did intensive investigation as to how the party got its funding or how those big buses were secured to transport the unemployed and poor and low income earners. No reporting on that. It was another smoke screen of big business infesting our government with their poli-tics.

This next election is all about the economy and the GOP has insured it to be. They started the downfall of our economy, made sure they tied our President's hands and now are going to try to prove to America, they have all the answers. The majority in the GOP feel it's been a win-win for them, while millions of American's suffer through their undoing's, the GOP continues to gather big business funding.

Is this kind of sly poli-tics going to manifest into a plague of fouler mouthing town hall meetings? Sure it is, as many in our society eat it up and the "news" repeats the gaffes over and over. And, as I stated earlier, the foreign countries are loving it too! Why not; as it makes the politicking of our democratic American government look like an elementary school yard brawl?

Civility is a word lost in our political arena. The root of civility's demise lies in global communications among the masses. The advancement in technology is phenomenal and un bounding and is a reflection of that proverbial double edged sword syndrome. Words are cheap, you can buy them anywhere and now the youth can chime in too. Who's policing whom?

How do we control ticks: Frontline, Revolution, Sentry, Control to name a few ways. Its time we American's took Control too, we can resist the Revolution, create a Frontline of civility and all be a Sentry of our words, actions, and deeds.

When we know in our heart that someone/anyone is being treated physically or verbally offensive, because of race, religious beliefs or the lack thereof, sex, age, political affiliation, size, or disability; we should act with dignity to defend them to curtail the negatives. We don't have to mention names or point fingers, we have to state the facts or truths in a civil manner. Should the perpetrator not recognize their offensive behavior, take them to task; but, most know, before they act, how ridiculous they'll be. The WOW factor of their negative intent often excites their base.

When we look for leadership, for our great country, we should never permit, ignorance, bullying, bad mouthing, sly back handedness, nor idle threats from candidates; instead, we should meet such unprofessional behavior with a proper recourse of dignity. "Stop the stupid" should be our election motto.

These non-productive fiascos are what we'd expect from luni-tics not leaders. We have to hold our ideals of and for professionalism high for our governing body to assure and insure a democratic freedom of civility and leadership for future generations. We have to re-create a dream worthy of reality!

Our airwaves, cyber waves, cellular waves are world-wide and fully open now. We have children as young as four years of age communicating via text. We have the non-educated, the defiant, the haters, the lovers, the educated, the rich, the poor, upper and lower classes, foreigners, locals, prisoners, preachers, etc., all vying for QWERTY time and doing so to advance their agenda.

Some love petty fighting, others want to talk with family and friends, some plot revenge, some enlist thousands to join a cause and many pretend to be what/who they are not. Its up to us, to decipher what to believe, whom to follow, whom to disregard and whom to watch closely in cyber world, where anything goes.

However, when it comes to our governing body, we have to accept nothing less than professionals who are civil to one other as well as to the public they hope to represent.

Communication is an opening of the door to world peace and if all countries would adhere to a sense of civility, especially in their politics, both in the office and in the public arena, a happier, more profitable, secure world environment would ensue as tolerance of diversity would evolve through all nations.

The United States of America is and has always been a forerunner in democracy and freedom. Freedom is best served with civility and luni-tics and bad poli-tics need to be eradicated!

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Hi Joy, Great article. Without the right strategies for the American people, the politicians would always be like children grabbing each other's toys. This is the reason I wrote my article, to educate the American people and our leaders. I am hoping that people like you with compassion, we could all work as one big team for rebuilding America without raising taxes. Regards, Daniel

  about 1 decade ago
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