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The economy of the US and many other area’s in the world is at a low. Often when strapped with hard times, its possible for some to reflect upon the finer things in life, things that money can’t buy: Having a family gathering, taking a trip to the river, fishing with friends, cooking out, having a picnic, walking in the rain, watching the birds, taking pictures of flowers, playing the radio and dancing on your own floors, neighborhood sports, etc., etc.; are examples of do-able projects in hard times. These are some things grandparents who were raised in the early sixties can relate to and teach their youth about.

The modern technological status which offers worldwide communications is the one constant in our society that is highly utilized as an avenue for griping or venting and is becoming the norm of enjoyment. Name calling, finger pointing and just plain nastiness seem to satisfy some; while others struggle to find work of any means to make ends meet, oblivious to the Wi-Fi rant occurring. And in all this frenzy, we are told that five percent of our society earns as much as the other ninety-five percent in this United States. This reported fact leads me to wonder what the five percent are thinking when answering the question, “What’s in it for me?”

I enjoy the political make-up set forth in our Constitution and I marvel as to how well it has served our “one Nation under God”. America is in the midst of making tough decisions. We’re tightening belts, defying future spending and making sure all that has been fair remains fair. But the loudest battle cry is “we’re not going to raise taxes!” This phrase alone is, in my opinion, the most outlandish statement our congressional members in control can utter.

Have you ever wondered why those top five percent of income earners have not reached out to one another and offered up more taxes without being forced to do so? I have, and I will continue to until I understand how they can make a profit off of hard working people and when the economy tanks, they realize they are sorely protected by congress and they still don’t make concessions among them to send “non-demanded” tax money to offset our spending. Why aren’t these high rollers speaking up? Why don’t they talk? What’s in it for them?

Why can’t our tax revenues be un-bunched? Our status-quo categorizes citizens all the time as poor, middle-class, and wealthy people. But, when a tax package is offered, it is for all. Forty-nine percent of American’s don’t pay taxes, who are they kidding? They pay taxes on every item they purchase in one way or another. Fifty-one percent of American’s pay taxes and within this number is the top five percent of income earners. Therefore, forty-six percent of the poor and middle class Americans pay for the forty-nine percent poor of non tax payers and the FIVE percent of the WEALTHY pay the same. Who’s picking on whom? If the top five percent wealthy is giving money to influence congress, how could this not be scrutinized by our secret service, the FBI or the CIA and eliminated? The old cliché “Money talks and B….S…. walks” gives us a clue as to why our Internet waves are being inundated with B….S….; its simple = we’ve found a new way of walking.

America is resilient and will succeed, it will happen and should the top five percent wealthy, make a difference and recognize the ninety-five percent who entitled them to amass their status, who knows how much better our economy would become? What’s in it for me? I will continue to give ten or twenty dollars when I can to those less fortunate for my father always told me, “No matter how bad you have it, someone has it worse!” If my money wealth was as enormous as my spiritual wealth, I’d pay more taxes whether told to or not as I’d find a way to send a check to offset America’s deficit one way or another!

We know the big money earners money won’t trickle down to the middle and poor, but we do know it will soften just how much foreign nations can claim entitlement to the United States of America. We want to outlaw illegal immigration, keep migrants from doing hard labor, like picking our crops, while Congress continuously permits financial progress to falter and gives foreigners every opportunity to “own us”! What’s in it for them???

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