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Why Is Syria Killing Its Own People
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Why is Syria Killing Its Own People

The Simple answer is Greed and Fear!

Greed of a dictator 'President' Bashar al-Assad, and the fear of those who serve him, that if he loses his power they will lose their positions of power and wealth. They all have vested interest in him remaining in power.

There is undoubtedly also an undertone of cross-cultural and possibly inter-religious hatred and struggle. That goes without saying in that part of the world. Being an ancient part of the world, there are many on either side of the struggle who claim religious alliegance one way or the other, and that coupled with claims of religious persecution further complicates the conflict!

The calls of the Rebels for democracy, freedom and reform are noble, however there are also reports of them mistreating their prisoners, with reports and accusations of kidnapping and torture coming from either side. Who do you Believe?

The first victim of War is after-all Truth!

President al-Bashar claims that there are insurgents who are stirring up unrest amongst the Syrian people. And he is simply using the army, as is his right as Commander in Chief, to rid the country of these trouble makers. And what is he to do? Go quietly into this Dark Night? He has seen what happens to leaders, dictators, who give up the fight! Gaddafi, Hussein, to mention a few, have at best been reduced to common prisoners, the unlucky ones have been dismantled physically by those who they have suppressed for so long. You live by the Sword, you die by the Sword, so to speak!

The Ba'ath Party has ruled Syria for nearly five decades, with 'President' Bashar al-Assad as the latest head of this regime, and has been known to suppress any discontent to it's rule using brutal methods many times over this period, and many are tired of this type of treatment! They have come to the end of their tether. Enough is Enough!

And so the so called rebels fight, and die for the freedom and democracy which they yearn for, for their country, for their families! And a country and it's people are torn to shreds by the conflict, families are destroyed, infrastructure is torn down and people who would actually just like to go on with their lives and bring up their children and care for their aged parents are faced with situations and circumstances which no-one should have to face.

So as it is with all these conflicts peoples lives are irreparably changed because of the greed and fear of a few men who have the power to command armies and the will to use that power in order to protect their own interests and wealth.

Their time too will come.

Street Talk

Syria worked just fine under the leadership of President Assad of the Baath Party until last year western powers arrogantly tried to concoct a repeat of their success to oust Qaddafi of Libya out of power. At that time they aimed to seize Libya's gold and oil, also hating his efficiency of providing water for the people, and hating Libya's money system which he operated outside of the private banking cartel. Now the good leader of Syria is being singled out for being "too good" for Syria, and therefore the West with Turkey's help is trying to demolish his order for similar reasons Libya and Iraq were slaughtered, and in each case Israel egging them on to do Netanjahu’s bidding. If they succeed in Syria, then other nations will become their next targets, employing methods of similar debauchery. And all operations are supported by propaganda lies from a controlled media. Is Syria killing its own people? No, foreign mercenaries are, paid for by U.S. dollars.

  about 1 decade ago

I have to say I am appalled at the behavior of my fellow man at times.

  about 1 decade ago
Joan S  

Need to learn more about this conflict. The middle east is so complicated. There are so many opposing groups, and they fight on the home front. It's a real play for power and control. At any rate, it's the innocent who suffer the most. That isn't right. Killing is not right, especially when it's killing innocent civilians. All for money and power.

  about 1 decade ago

When tyrants rule the people suffer! It is a sad, sad commentary on the brutal nature of man. When given power a man will think he is some kind of god and will enforce his will upon the people. The Syrian revolution is one in which this ole cowboy hopes for those seeking freedom can find it! Tough times ahead for much of the world, I'm afraid!

  about 1 decade ago
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